How can a man improve his health?

How can a man improve his health? Men and boys have many health problems (mental and physical) that are possible to prevent. In order to raise awareness about these problems, International Men’s Health Week 2019 is celebrated every year in June. This period is a good time for all men to monitor and focus on their health.

According to one report, most men do not like to discuss their health issues with people. Only 7% of men discuss health issues with their friends. Almost every fifth male does not discuss personal problems such as bedroom concerns, mutual relationships and urinary issues.

Health Problems Related to Men
How can a man improve his health?

Most people do not focus on their health due to cultural traditions (a presumption that cannot be justified for all men) – “Men should not show their weaknesses and they must remain strict” – this gives them their health Prevents discussing related concerns. In addition, such behavior in men may also be due to mistrust in peers, lack of awareness and lack of self-care.

Chest pain, shortness of breath, fatigue, depression, memory loss and urinary problems are among the top health concerns that most Indian men ignore. An increase in awareness programs such as Men’s Health Week can be expected to change the outlook in the coming years. Here are some important health aspects that men should pay attention to.
general health

Analysis of health issues in men: Men often do not feel the need for a health check until their condition arises. Under ideal circumstances, all men, irrespective of their age, should undergo continuous health checkup with their nearest healthcare provider.
Identification and care tips

General health tests include diabetes, cholesterol and other lipid tests, iron deficiency in nutrition, vitamin D, B12, and organ function tests if there are risk factors associated with kidney, liver, thyroid. Men are more prone to heart diseases and cancer, but they ignore the signs of caution and later cope with it. Getting frequent health checkups can prevent any potential risk to their health.

Can save you trouble.

Identification and care tips

Sexual awareness and repeated self-examination are important. Hepatitis B test and vaccination, HIV prophylaxis or test, protected sex and other preventive measures can protect men from STDs.

Self-care is at the heart of men’s physical and mental well-being. Men and boys should be raised in a world where they are not confronted with issues related to self-image. They must learn to care for themselves in the best way. The need for self-care in men is greater than before; In particular, when all efforts are driven by the sole purpose of ensuring the healthy life of men.

This article is based on a conversation with Dr. Binita Priyambada (Senior Consultant, Medical Team, Doc

How can a man improve his health?

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