Home Remedies to cure infected nipple piercing

Home Remedies to cure infected nipple piercing: In today’s era, people do different things for fashion and style. Ear and nose piercing has been a tradition in India since ancient times. According to the beliefs of Hinduism, women get their ears and nose pierced. But in today’s fashion, people also get nipple piercing done. Whether it is female or male, nipple piercing happens in both. Its trend is in full swing in western countries. However, the process of nipple piercing is a bit complicated. Many times people get infection after nipple piercing. Since the skin around the nipple is very sensitive and not taking care of it properly after piercing, there is a risk of infection. Infections that occur after nipple piercings can be overwhelming to ignore. Sometimes due to this people also get serious problems. If you have also done nipple piercing and are facing the problem of infection because of it, then you can treat it at home with the help of some home remedies. Let us know about these home remedies.

Home Remedies to cure infected nipple piercing
Home Remedies to cure infected nipple piercing

What Causes Infection after Nipple Piercing


The skin around the nipple is very sensitive. Piercings at this location often lead to problems at times. Since piercings around sensitive skin allow bacteria to reach delicate tissues, the infection progresses more rapidly. Apart from this, the infection also spreads due to not taking care of it properly after piercing. Sometimes infection also occurs due to tight clothes, wetness etc.

Nipple Piercing Infection Symptoms

After nipple piercing, people may have to face two types of problems, first irritable piercing and second piercing infection. After piercing, the skin around the nipple turns red. After this there is the problem of irritable piercing in the beginning. If this problem persists for a long time, then the risk of infection increases. Nipple piercing infection can also occur like infection after ear piercing. In this problem, along with swelling in the nipple, there may also be a problem of itching and pus. Pain around the nipple along with burning and swelling is also considered a symptom of nipple piercing. The symptoms seen in the problem of infection after nipple piercing are as follows.

Redness of the skin around the nipple.
Pain when touched.
Swelling around the nipple.
Bad smell after piercing.
Having problems with fatigue

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Home Remedies to Cure Infected Nipple Piercing

You can also treat infection after nipple piercing on your own at home. Piercing is usually followed by a common infection problem that can be treated on its own. But if this problem is serious and you are facing problems, then in such a situation, an expert doctor should be contacted for its treatment. The problem of infection after nipple piercing should not be ignored. It is beneficial to treat its symptoms immediately. Let us know the home remedies for infection caused by nipple piercing.

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  1. Warm Compress or Sea Salt Soak

In the event of a common infection after nipple piercing, compressing with a warm object is beneficial. If the symptoms of infection are common, then you can irrigate with the help of sea salt. It is beneficial in pain and swelling due to infection. For mild swelling and pain after nipple piercing, you can compress it with a water pack or warm sea salt lightly and compress it on the infected area. By using sea salt, the infection is cured quickly and there is relief from swelling and pain.
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  1. How to Clean Infected Nipples?

In case of infection after piercing, it is very important to clean the area around the nipple properly. Wash your hands thoroughly before touching the infected area. It is safe to wash hands with warm water and antimicrobial cleanser. After this, wash the nipple with lukewarm water to remove the crusty layer. Then use a Q-tip to remove the crusty layer. After removing it, clean the nipple also thoroughly and wear clothes only after drying.

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  1. Neem Leaves to Cure Nipple Infection

The use of neem leaves is beneficial to remove any type of infection. You can use neem leaves to get rid of the problem of infection after nipple piercing. For this, first prepare a paste of clean and fresh neem leaves. Apply this paste on the infected area. Leave this paste on that area for some time and then wash it off with clean water. Doing this at least twice a day is beneficial in the problem of nipple infection.

Tips to Avoid Infection after Nipple Piercing

After getting a nipple piercing, take special care of the cleanliness of that place.
Do not wear tight clothes for a few days after piercing to avoid infection.
Use antimicrobial soap for bathing.
Avoid the use of alcohol and chemical-rich products.
Avoid touching the nipple with your hands after piercing.
Eat a balanced diet and drink plenty of water.

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After any kind of piercing, it is necessary to take proper care of it. If you see symptoms of infection after piercing, then you can use the above-mentioned home remedies, but if these symptoms are severe, then definitely consult an expert doctor.

Home Remedies to cure infected nipple piercing

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