Children sometimes cry and scream due to pain in the legs, hands and body. Due to this frequent pain, parents also often get worried about which disease the child has got due to the young age due to which the body remains in pain. But there is no need to panic with such pain because if your child is between 3 and 12 years of age, then such pain in the feet, hands and body can actually be a growing pain. ‘Growing Pain’ means muscle pain and chilliness due to enlargement of the body. Often such pain occurs in children in the evening or at night.

This type of pain is not caused by any disease, so you should adopt some easy but effective home remedies by not giving painkiller to the child. We are telling you some such easy methods.


Get Stretching Done

To reduce the pain in hands and feet of children, get them stretching. Stretching causes the stretched veins to relax, which gives little relief to the pain. Since the growing pen is caused by soft tissue, stretching the children provides relief to the pain. In order to avoid pain and for better development of the body, it will also be good for you to do stretching and exercise for a while on a daily basis. Also encourage them to play outside, cycling, running, jumping and walking. This results in faster and better development of children.


Massage is also a good way to remove the growing pens in the children’s body. Massage the deep tissue with the hands where it is painful. This relaxes the tissues and muscles and also relieves pain soon. You can also use some pain relieving oil to massage.

Feed foods with vitamin D and magnesium

Vitamin D is essential for the whole body, but it is important for bones. Consuming vitamin D foods keeps bones healthy and relieves pain. Apart from this, magnesium also has a big role in strengthening bones. Dietary intake of magnesium can also help reduce children’s pain. Feed these things to children for vitamin D and magnesium – eggs, cheese, mushrooms, spinach, soybeans, peels including potatoes, cashews, almonds, okra, etc.

Fry hot

Hot fomentation is also very beneficial to reduce the pain of growing children. You can either pour hot water in a bottle and foment it with it or you can bathe the children with lukewarm water. If rock salt is added to the water, the effect of magnesium will give relief from pain more quickly.

Drink turmeric milk and green tea

There are also many diets that have natural pain relieving properties. You can also give children to eat such things, which will reduce their pain. Turmeric is considered the best natural pain reliever. Therefore, you can give turmeric milk to children. Apart from this, green tea also contains many ingredients that relax muscles, so giving green tea to children can also reduce such pain. Try not to give children painkillers for growing pens as these drugs have a bad effect on the kidneys of children.

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