Instant Releief Home Remedies for a Minor Headache

Home Remedies for a Minor Headache

Nowadays it is common to have stress in the midst of a run-of-the-mill life, sometimes this stress becomes so effective that it starts affecting our mind too. It also causes headaches and heaviness. Tiredness after hours of work is a major cause of head heaviness. Everyone wants to get rid of it immediately. Because neither does the mind feel in any work nor does it feel like going anywhere. People often use medicines to get rid of it, but it is not right to consume the medicine every time. You can also remove the heaviness of the head with easy remedies.

Home Remedies For Headache

Measures to remove heaviness of Head
drink water
If you feel heaviness or pain in your head after work, then you start drinking water immediately. Keep in mind that you should not drink water at once, but you should drink some water. By drinking water, your body becomes fully hydrated and your head also starts feeling lightheaded. So always keep water with you at work time.

After working hours from office, when you feel heavy headaches or pain at home, then you can also use cloves for this. By using cloves, your headache gradually reduces. For this, heat a little clove on a pan and tie these hot cloves buds in a cloth or handkerchief. You should keep sniffing this bandaged clove for some time, it will gradually reduce your pain.

Tulsi, which is considered beneficial in many ways for health, also helps in relieving your headache. You can relieve your headache by using basil leaves. For this, you cook basil leaves in water and drink it. After some time you will also feel relaxed and your headache will be completely gone.

This is a technique that can eliminate or reduce the pain in any part of your body. Acupressure is a very effective technique that works to give you relief. During a headache, massage your toe or soles. Apart from this, you can also give this acupressure on your palms. This will give you quick relief and you will feel healthy.

Black pepper and mint tea
Often whenever you are a victim of headache, you will always run towards tea or coffee to somehow reduce your headache. But if you eat tea made with black pepper and mint, then it may be more effective for you. For this you can also drink black tea or mango tea.

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