High blood pressure or hypertension has become a common problem, from victims to adults. Yes, the problem of high BP has become quite common among the adults as well as children. In which childhood obesity is one of the most important risk factors of high blood pressure. Timely diagnosis of high blood pressure problem is very important, as it acts as a silent killer and attacks you. Some people do not feel any symptoms of high BP. High blood pressure, both in children and adults, increases the risk of heart diseases. Talking about high blood pressure in children, it is quite difficult to determine high BP in them. This is because sometimes it can be due to increasing age and process. Therefore, it is important to check age, sex, body weight and height for high BP. Let us show you the causes, symptoms and how to deal with high blood pressure in children.


High blood pressure is a disease in which a person usually shows no symptoms. But you may see some symptoms due to major fluctuations in high blood pressure, some of which are as follows:

Chest pain
Neck pain
Shortness of breath
Vomiting or nausea etc.

Risk factors of high blood pressure in children

There are two major risk factors for high blood pressure in both children and adults: first obesity and second genetic causes. In addition, other risk factors for high blood pressure may include underlying health conditions, sleep deprivation, stress, and hormonal imbalances.

Measures to deal with high blood pressure in children

To tackle the problem of high blood pressure in children, you can adopt the tips given here:

Obesity is a major risk factor for high blood pressure in both children and adults. Therefore, you should try to maintain healthy weight in children to reduce the risk of high BP. Obesity not only increases the risk of high blood pressure, but also doubles the risk of many other health problems.
Make healthy diet and regular exercise a part of the daily routine to control high blood pressure in children. You can insist on a dash diet to control high BP in children. Include fruits and vegetables in your child’s diet and reduce the intake of saturated fat, too much salt or sugar and processed foods.

If you smoke and your child is a victim of high BP, then you should stop smoking. This is because cigarette or bidi smoke affects people as well as people living close to you. Exposure to second-hand smoke is also dangerous for your children. So stop smoking for good health of your children as well as your children.

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