Summer Special Homemade Body Cooling Garam Masala for Summer Days

Homemade Body Cooling Garam Masala

Indian cooking is incomplete without seasoning and tempering. While each spice has its own unique taste, garam masala is a mixture of these spices, which is an integral part of Indian cooking. A mixture of spices, it is popular for its ability to enhance flavor. But do you know that the typical garam masala is well suited for winter (Garam Masala Benefits) as it contains heat generating elements. But you can also make this desi garam masala as cold garam masala. That is, you can make your own summer-friendly garam masala with specific spices, which cool the body instead of heating it. So let’s know how to make hot spices at home keeping the body cool in summer.

Cold Garam Masala
Actually cold hot spices mean those spices whose cold is cold. You can use this hot spice to make a drink like buttermilk, curry, soup and lentils in summer. Actually, when we talk about hot spices, many people avoid consuming it in summer. They think that these hot spices will heat the stomach and this will affect the digestive system. At the same time, eating hot spices in summer can also increase skin problems. So it is good that you make a little change in your hot spices.

How to Make Garam Masala
Hot spices are needed for one’s body, taste and sharpness. The most common spices used in any spice mixture are coriander seeds or cumin seeds. Both coriander and cumin are good for summer as they help reduce stomach related issues. While nutmeg and cinnamon create body heat and are good for winter, you can replace them with spices like cloves and fennel for summer. So let’s know how to make them.

•  Coriander seeds
•  4 red chillies
•  cumin
•  Black pepper
•  Small cardamom
•  Black Salt
•  Cloves
•  Anise
•  Fenugreek seeds

-Now grind these spices coarsely in a grinder. There is no need to make it a fine powder.
-Add salt.
– Grind again and it is ready.

•  Cumin, cinnamon, and black pepper are also found to have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties that help improve digestion. By eating spices, metabolism is modified and your heart rate is controlled.
•  People who feel less hungry should eat Garam Masala. This will increase digestive juices in the stomach. Hot spices contain cloves and cumin seeds, which reduces the acidity of the stomach and reduces the problem of flatulence.
•  Eating hot spices intensifies digestion, which relieves constipation problem.
•  Body fat is also burnt by eating hot spices. According to research, fiber is found in hot spices, which, if consumed, can cause weight loss. It is also beneficial to take garam masala among other things related to fiber.

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