Freeze fat with CoolSculpting, never get fat again

CoolSculpting is the only US FDA non-surgical fat loss treatment. It works primarily through fat freezing using controlled freezing, which freezes stubborn fat cells. It is an innovative technique for the body, which is a great option for surgery without any downtime. So far, more than 5 million CoolSculpting treatments have been performed worldwide.

The pros

•  It is a non-invasive and safe fat reduction technique.
•  It is painless and without any downtime.
•  This USFDA approved the technology for fat reduction with many treatments performed worldwide.
•  It is also supported by research papers about the safety and effectiveness of technology.
•  It is a technique that helps in polishing the body and gives a more natural appearance to the body.


•  It is not a technique for losing weight for overweight people.

For whom can treatment be beneficial?

The accumulation of unwanted fat is a major aesthetic concern. A large part of this population is not willing to go for any kind of surgical procedure like liposuction. With the advancement of technology in this domain, cryolipolysis has become a major technique for non-surgical non-invasive fat reduction. Body sculpting with CoolSculpting is available to both men and women to get rid of stubborn fat. It is also good for the lack of double chin.

Are there any methods such as CoolSculpting to freeze fat? How different is it from the rest? Is this the same as liposuction?

•  Yes, there are other machines that use the same principle. CoolSculpting is different because it is the only machine that is US FDA approved and therefore safe without any side effects. The care and description of the vacuum applied to the gel and given to the patient is of high quality. The technology automatically corrects the temperature of any change.
•  The technique was completely different from liposuction. Liposuction is an invasive surgical procedure. Liposuction has side effects related to surgery and longer recovery time.

On which part of CoolSculpting are commonly used?

Body sculpting with CoolSculpting is done for the abdomen, flank, inner and outer of the thigh, back fat, under the buttocks, double chin etc.

Why should one opt CoolSculpting be chosen?

CoolSculpting is a fat destruction technique that helps the body contour. So one should opt for that the body is shapely. Also, the patient who does not want to go for any surgical fat reduction procedure, should go for it.

Is it to lose weight or is it just the body’s contraceptive method?

No, it does not help in weight loss. It is just a body contour method that helps in the destruction of fat. Coolsculpting is not to be confused with weight-loss, but fat reduction through cryolipolysis helps to brighten the body.

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