Fitness Tips for Ageing Men

Fitness Tips for Ageing Men: As a person grows old, some hormones in his body also change which often helps in weight gain. With age, testosterone begins to decay in the body and estrogen secretion increases. Due to the increase of estrogen in the testosteron’s body, fat begins to accumulate. Weight gain in men is not only due to imbalance of hormones in the body, but there can be many other reasons for weight gain which are as follows;

Fitness Tips for Ageing Men
Fitness Tips for Ageing Men

Decrease in manual labor
In men, the desire to exercise and maintain oneself often dies with advancing age. Due to long hours of work and work pressure, a person does not get time to exercise. In today’s run-of-the-mill life, a man does not have enough time to sleep, in such a situation it becomes more difficult to find time for exercise.

Increased consumption of calories
With age, the nutritional needs of man’s body also become different. But according to a common belief, even after advancing age, people continue to take the same food that they have been taking from childhood and puberty. The need of calories in food also varies with age. In this way, when calories increase in the body and they are not consumed, they are stored in the body part as fat.

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Low rate of metabolism
Metabolic rate in the body also decreases rapidly with aging. And in this way, calories are not burned like before and start accumulating in the body as fat.

High levels of stress
In the run-of-the-mill life, between the tension of work, the family has come under extreme stress due to the responsibility of family and work. High levels of stress cause many hormonal changes in the body, which ultimately leads to obesity.

Hormone imbalance
Due to the decrease in testosterone secretion in the human body, the amount of fat in the body starts increasing. And apart from this, unhealthy lifestyle of people also invites obesity.

Los of lean body weight
With age, the production of muscle tissue in the body decreases and when the person stops exercising in this situation, the body weight absorbed in the body decreases. It is not involved in reducing fat which actually makes a man fat.

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A man has to perform a lot of responsibilities in his professional and personal life. Apart from this, if any responsibility is imposed on him, then he becomes a victim of stress, which is often a major cause of obesity. Apart from stress, a person does not get time to do physical work or exercise due to busy routine and life. Nowadays, most professionals work for 12 to 15 hours. Due to the pressure of work and work for so long, they do not have time to sleep and take care of the fitness of the body. With the age, the needs of the nutrients in the body change and the way in which those foods are processed in the body also changes. With age, carbohydrate is not easily processed in the body and is not absorbed in the body, which results in the body becoming fat.

The risk of obesity can be avoided to a great extent by reducing calories in the body and making changes in diet as compared to aging. A diet rich in protein and small amounts of carbohydrate can be taken along with meals and a balanced diet of other mineral salts and vitamins. To balance calories in food, one should not suddenly cut calories.

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Fitness Tips for Ageing Men

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