Eat Calcium rich food to overcome calcium deficiency in women

Eat Calcium rich food to overcome calcium deficiency in women: Women are more deficient in calcium than men. Women bleed more than their bodies. Blood flows from the body during pregnancy, delivery, menstruation, etc. Along with aging, calcium deficiency in the body increases. The age of 30 is a figure in the life of women where the troubles in their body start increasing. During the affair of marriage, child, etc., there is an excess of calcium in their body. On top of this, the family structure of India is according to this, where women will give a glass of milk to the husband and other family members but will not drink it themselves. In such a situation, the lack of calcium in the body increases with age. Calcium deficiency can range from osteoporosis to mental disorders in women. In today’s article Diet Dietician Dr. Kamini Kumari of Diet Mantra will explain why calcium deficiency occurs in women after the age of 30 and what to eat to complete it.

Eat Calcium rich food to overcome calcium deficiency in women
Eat Calcium rich food to overcome calcium deficiency in women

Calcium deficiency symptoms

Numbness in hands, feet
Body dryness
Loss of appetite
Nail Failure
Tooth decay
Constant sluggishness
Aching joints
Muscle cramps
panic button
Hair fall

Why calcium deficiency occurs in women after 30
Estrogen Hormone Deficiency

Estrogen hormone deficiency occurs in women after they reach the age of 30. Lack of this hormone causes many problems in women. Estrogen hormones help in the production of women, due to their deficiency, the body is not able to absorb calcium and vitamin D (Absorption). After the age of 30, the absorption of calcium decreases in the body. Because of which, there is a lack of calcium in the body of women.

Dietary calcium deficiency

Today, even in the 21st century, women feed themselves after feeding everyone at home. Because of this, their body does not get all the nutrients. Lack of calcium in the diet is the biggest cause of calcium deficiency in the body. Calcarea is a mineral that needs to be replenished. This makes bones strong.

Vitamin D deficiency

Dietician Kamini says that due to lack of vitamin D in the body, calcium is not absorbed properly, due to which calcium is not absorbed to the bones. Vitamin D helps in calcium absorption.

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Absorption of excess phosphorus

Women who take foods including phosphorus in large amounts also see this deficiency. Soft drinks contain high amount of phosphorus, due to their high intake there is a lack of calcium in the body.
Taking supplements

Doctor Kamini says that nowadays women are not able to get the right amount of calcium due to their busy lifestyle, so they resort to supplements, but supplements can be taken for a time, not always. Excess intake of these causes harm to the body. Supplements do not make women eat a balanced diet, and there is a lack of calcium in the body.

How much calcium do women need?

Doctor Kamini says that on an average, women need 500 mg to 1000 mg of calcium in a day. If women cross this figure, they will not have calcium deficiency diseases in their body.

Foods that fulfill calcium deficiency

Lack of calcium in the body can make you sick both physically and mentally, so do not ignore it. When there is a lack of calcium in the body, the doctor tells you to change the diet, but if the problem is more, then medicines are also given. Here, Dietician Kamini Kumari of Diet Mantra is telling you some foods that will meet the deficiency of calcium in your body.


Including foods containing calcium minerals in the food helps ease discomfort. This includes dairy products such as milk, yogurt, cheese, etc. Include green leafy vegetables including broccoli. Soybeans, orange juice, etc. can be included. Pay attention to the purity of food. Do not take too many supplements.

vitamin D

In fact, vitamin D is also available from sunlight. But it is not possible to get full vitamin D from it. Therefore, it is tried to take vitamin D from the diet. Calcium and vitamins are interlinked. Therefore, attention has to be paid to the quantity of both. For curing vitamin D deficiency in the body, take cod liver oil, which is good from fish, take it. In addition, mushrooms, poultry, fish, etc. can be taken.

Lack of protein in the body gives rise to other diseases. Protein works on the body’s ability to fight diseases. Eat pulses to complete protein deficiency.


Ginger not only keeps you cured from a cold cough, but it also fulfills the deficiency of calcium in the body.

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healthy lifestyle

Many of your diseases will be cured by adopting a healthy lifestyle. Nowadays drinking black coffee, coffee, tea etc. has become a fashion. People take carbonated beverages on an empty stomach, due to which calcium deficiency is not fulfilled. Therefore, do not eat such substances for calcium.


Sprouts have a tendency to give all nutrients to the body. These sprouted pulses fulfill the deficiency of calcium in the body, so whenever you feel hungry, you must take sprouts. Apart from this, roasted sesame seeds will also benefit.

Exercise and yoga

Many diseases of the body are eradicated by regular exercise and yoga, while at the same time, bones remain strong. To keep the body healthy and complete calcium deficiency, it is important that you also exercise regularly and do yoga.

Lack of calcium can cause both bone related diseases and mental diseases in the body, so keep the amount of calcium in the body right. Food items mentioned here can be consumed. Also, see a doctor if you have symptoms of calcium deficiency.

Eat Calcium rich food to overcome calcium deficiency in women

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