Dust and Pollution particles increases Hair fall, Know 5 ways to stop hair fall


If your hair starts falling fast, pay attention. Is there any reason for hair loss in your city? Scientists have recently said after a research that pollution does not only affect your lungs, but also the health of hair. People living in areas with high pollution also get more hair fall. Actually, there are small dust particles and chemical particles in the polluted air, which affect them by reaching into your hair follicles. This research has been done by the South Korean cosmetic company.

This is why baldness is increasing rapidly these days. The number of young people in the age group of 28-35 years is increasing, whose hair in the middle part of the head either falls completely or is constantly falling fast. To avoid these problems, it is very important to protect your hair from pollution. We are telling you 5 such tips, which will help you in saving your beautiful hair.

Cover the hair and leave the house

If the pollution level in your city is very high, then keep your hair covered while walking outside. You can use a hat for this. Beautiful caps will also make you stylish and protect you from pollution and sunlight. The PM2.5 particles present in the air are so fine and small that you cannot see them with normal eyes. So even though you do not see pollution many times, your hair can get damaged.

When driving a bike, make sure to install a Helmet

If you drive a bike, wear a helmet as soon as you leave your home. The helmet not only protects you from accidents, but also protects you from hair pollution. When wearing helmets, the pollution caused by the smoke of the moving vehicles on the road and the dust particles in the air does not reach and damage your hair follicles. However, while wearing a helmet, you should keep in mind that the helmet is of good quality, which can absorb sweat. Otherwise the sweat coming on the scalp will also speed up your hair loss.

Shampoo 3 times a week and conditioner 1 time

People often stop shampooing for fear of hair loss. But this causes hair to fall further. Regular cleaning is very important to remove dust particles and pollution from the hair. To prevent hair fall, you must shampoo the hair at least 3 times in 1 week. Apart from this, you should also apply conditioner 1-2 times. It is a matter to keep in mind that if your hair falls, then you should choose your shampoo properly. You need anti-hair fall shampoo that is mild. Too much chemicalized shampoo will damage your hair more.

Massage with oil 2 times a week

Hair also falls because they do not get proper nutrition. Vitamin E, vitamin C and protein are needed for good hair growth. You will get protein from food and drink and hence you should include protein items in your diet. Apart from this, to complete the deficiency of vitamins needed for hair, you should massage your hair well twice a week and use any of these oils for massage- Coconut Oil, Almond Oil , Olive oil, sesame oil, etc.
Massaging the hair increases blood circulation in the scalp portion, which keeps hair healthy. The best time to massage hair is at night, because after massaging your hair with oil at night, you will keep it on the scalp all night, then the hair will get the nutrients present in the oil.

Change some of your habits

Often, in those people who have some of these wrong habits, the problem of hair loss increases.

•  Wash your towels every week.
•  Wash the pillowcase every week.
•  Wash the sheet on which you sleep every week.
•  Never comb in wet hair.
•  Be sure to trim hair once a month, even if you want long hair.

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