Dubai Health Authority Jobs

Dubai Health Authority Jobs. DHA or the Dubai Health Authority is the provider of a high quality medical care system in Dubai by guaranteeing and establishing strategies and policies for medical care in private and public clinics and hospitals in Dubai. Working to ensure the protection of public health and the improvement of the quality of life, DHA provides a strategy to meet the future needs of the country, ensuring alliances between service providers, providing regulation and licensing throughout the health sector and increasing System responsibility. If you are interested in applying for the latest jobs at the Dubai Health Authority, read on and get more information.

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Types Of Jobs

Accident and EmergencyAdministration
Allergy & Immunology

Alternative Medicine
Application DevelopmentCardiologyCommunity Medicine
DentistryDermatologyDiagnostic Medical ImagingENT
Employee RelationsEndoscopyFinancialGenetics
Geriatric Care
Health and SafetyHuman ResourcesLaboratory TechnicianNursing
PharmacyPsychiatryTechnical SupportOrthopedic

 If you are interested in the latest jobs at the Dubai Health Authority, you will be pleased to discover that there are opportunities in a wide spectrum of sectors, including:

There are a variety of terms of work available, from permanent and full-time positions to temporary contracts and part-time positions, so everyone who is interested in the latest jobs at the Dubai Health Authority will surely find A suitable position for your needs.Dubai Health Authority Jobs

Where to find the latest Dubai Health Authority Jobs
If you visit the DHA website, you can find links that direct you to the Dubai Careers page. This is the official portal to request a variety of jobs within the Dubai government. Here, you can access the job search service that allows you to adjust the criteria to meet your particular needs, including choosing the right job sector for your skills and experience. Then, you can request your chosen publication through the website simply by clicking on the “apply” link and then setting up your own applicant account. You can enter your personal data, upload your updated resume and you may be on your way to request the chosen publication.

Skills and Experience
Although there are some entry-level positions available through this employer, most roles are for those who already have a degree, relevant experience within the selected field and industry specific qualifications. As many of the available positions are doctors, it goes without saying that adequate levels of training will be required to be successful in the application, and experience will generally be required for a certain number of years. Good communication skills are very important for most jobs, as well as effective computer skills and a positive attitude towards members of the public, since most available positions require applicants to have regular contact with patients.

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