Does testosterone make your blood thick?

Does testosterone make your blood thick? Many men have testosterone definition syndrome. Also known as Male Hypogonadism. In this problem, sex desire decreases due to testosterone hormone imbalance or a drop in testosterone levels. Also, there may be problem of erectile dysfunction. Due to this, not only the sexual performance of men is useless but it also has a negative effect on health. This is why people resort to testosterone therapy to avoid this problem. But a recent research has shown that testosterone therapy may increase the risk of heart attack. Let’s know in detail how

Heart Attack Risk may increase with Testosterone Therapy
Does testosterone make your blood thick?

University of California research
According to a recent research conducted at the University of California, men who undergo testosterone therapy to improve sex ability and to treat impotence are more likely to have a heart attack. The research conducted in Los Angeles studied men taking testosterone treatment, with researcher Willian Wrinkle acknowledging that men are at increased risk of heart disease from 90 days after taking testosterone therapy.

The study studied 56,000 men who are receiving testosterone boosting sex hormones and found a higher heart attack risk in 48,000 younger men. This research, done by researchers from the University of California, appeared in the journal PLOS One.

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Testostrene Therapy

Men who sit for hours are also at greater risk
In another research, researchers at Kager Permanent Southern California considered that men who sat for hours continuously increased their risk of heart attack by 52 percent. Researchers have done this research on 82,000 men aged 45 to 69 who sit for several hours a day continuously. They also believed that even if they exercise more, they still have a higher risk.

According to researcher Deborah Rome Young, men who reduce physical exertion and are constantly seated have a 52 percent higher risk of heart attack or related diseases than others. Also, men who sit for five consecutive hours a day have a 34 percent higher risk than men who sit for two consecutive hours a day.

Does testosterone make your blood thick?

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