Does smoking affect your reproductive system?

Does smoking affect your reproductive system? Cigarette smoking is gradually becoming a fashion among the youth. Every person knows that cigarettes are harmful for health and this increases the risk of many cancers. But do you know that cigarettes can play a big role in spoiling your married life even before the cancer can grow? Yes, cigarettes, whether female or male, have a significant impact on their sex life. But it can be more harmful for men. Many health experts believe that smoking too much cigarettes can cause infertility in men, which affects the ability of men to become fathers. Let us tell you how dangerous is cigarette addiction for men’s sexual life and does it really make it difficult to become a father?

Smoking Side Effects Habit of Cigarette May Cause Infertility in Men
Does smoking affect your reproductive system?

cigarette and mens health
Cigarette smoking decreases sperm count

The biggest role in becoming a father to men is their sperm. The healthier the sperm, the higher the probability of fertilization with its female egg. But many research conducted by scientists around the world suggest that smoking cigarettes reduces the sperm count in men. Apart from this, the quality of the sperm is poor, their shape deteriorates and the mobility decreases, due to which semen is produced in men, but they have less sperm and the quality is also not good. So there is every possibility that if a person smokes cigarettes for a long time or smokes too much, then this addiction can stall in becoming his father.

How does cigarette smoking affect sperm?

According to research, cigarette smoking can reduce the quality and concentration of sperm by up to 23%.
Cigarette addiction can damage the sperm’s DNA, causing the sperm to not fertilize in association with the egg.
The addiction of cigarette smoking also worsens the balance of many hormones in the body. These hormonal imbalances can also worsen the possibility of men becoming fathers.
Cigarette habits can spoil the shape of your sperm, making it difficult to swim and reach the egg. Constant smoking avoids very less healthy sperm in men’s semen, reducing the chances of becoming a father.
According to research, the mobility of the sperm in cigarette smokers also decreases by 13%. Due to this fertilization is not complete and men may be deprived of becoming fathers.
Not only this, cigarette addiction also affects the sex life of men. This can lead to many problems such as lack of stimulation in the penis, premature ejaculation, lack of compression in the penis.

cigarette and sperm health
In how many days will quitting cigarettes be normal?

According to research, people who have a cigarette addiction and have the problems mentioned above, if they stop smoking cigarettes, then their chances of sexual life and fertility may be normal. But doctors say that after 3 months of quitting cigarettes completely, its effect starts to appear on your sperm and sometimes the problem can take years to completely disappear. So it would be better to give up cigarette addiction completely in order to enjoy married life well and become a father.

Does smoking affect your reproductive system?

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