Does prostate cancer affect urination?

Does prostate cancer affect urination? Prostate cancer occurs only in men. The reason for this is that the prostate gland is found only in men. It is an important part of the reproductive system of men because this gland makes the sperm fluid. The prostate gland is located near the testicle. In India, prostate cancer is a major cause of death among men in cancers. Initially prostate cancer symptoms are quite common, so people ignore them. Actually prostate cancer starts spreading very slowly and initially only some problems related to urination are seen.

Prostate cancer affects urinary tract

The prostate gland is located near the testicles (bladder). A person’s prostate gland starts growing when there is prostate cancer. When these glands start to pressurize the ureter as they grow, many problems start. Usually, prostate cancer shows signs of pain in the testicles, problems in urination, etc. Although growing prostate cancer can reach other parts of the body as well, initially it affects the urinary tube only.

5 Common Symptoms of Prostate Cancer in Men During Urination
Does prostate cancer affect urination?

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Men should not ignore these symptoms of prostate cancer

In the case of prostate cancer, men see or feel some symptoms which they consider to be normal. Know these

Pain or burning sensation during urination.
Squeeze very slowly or less urine during urination. You can also think that after urinating several times, you feel that the bladder has become empty, but after few seconds 2-3 drops of urine and discharge.
Even after urinating, you feel that your bladder is not empty yet.
Frequent urination or generalized urination several times at night.
Sudden urination and very frequent urination before reaching the toilet.

Signs of greatly increased prostate cancer

In case of prostate cancer, it is not necessary that only problems related to urination are seen. In fact, the prostate gland first affects the urinary tube, but it can also affect many other organs of the body, growing slowly. Know these symptoms also-

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Back pain, pain in the hips or pain in the lower abdomen (pelvis)
Difficulty in maintaining erectness or physical ejaculation during physical relationship in men
Bleeding with urine or semen
Sudden weight loss and weakness without any reason

Prostate cancer screening done for Rs 250-350

If any of the symptoms mentioned above or several symptoms occur simultaneously, you should immediately visit a doctor and get a prostate cancer examination done. A blood sample is taken to check for prostate cancer and the name of this test is ‘PSA Test’. PSA stands for Prostate Specific Antigen. These tests are very cheap. This test is easily done in most cities for Rs 250-350.a

Does prostate cancer affect urination?

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