Does health affect sperm quality?

Does health affect sperm quality? According to a research, people who want to become fathers should sleep in time for healthy sperm. Research has found that people who sleep between 8 and 10 pm have more sperm motility, they fertilize the egg at a faster rate. On the other hand, men who stay awake till late night or sleep too late have less sperm count in their semen and sperm are destroyed quickly. Scientists have observed during research that the condition of sperm in men sleeping for 6 hours or less gets worse. At the same time, sperm of 9 hours of sleeping men are more healthy.

Mens Health Sleep Bad Sperm Quality
Does health affect sperm quality?

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Scientists at the Harbin Medical University of China told the Daily Mail that sleeping more late and not resting properly increases the level of antisperm antibodies in the body, a protein that builds up in the immune system and kills healthy shells. . This type of study has already happened in which this point has been made clear. These studies have been published in the journal Medical Science Monitor.

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For the research, scientists researched the sleeping patterns of 981 healthy people, who were asked to sleep at 8 to 10 o’clock, 10 to midnight or thereafter. They were also asked to fill their alarms so that they could sleep for 6 hours or less, 7 to 8 hours or 9 and more hours according to the study. Scientists regularly took samples of semen so that sperm count, size and motility could be examined.

Does health affect sperm quality?

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