Does environment affect mental health?

Does environment affect mental health? Climate change has become a global problem today. The whole world is struggling with this problem. According to a report recently published by ‘State of Global Air’ 2019, the death toll from air pollution in India is the third most dangerous cause of death due to health related causes. Mental illnesses are the highest among diseases caused by climate change. But the most dangerous thing is that our children are now falling victim to diseases caused by climate change. According to psychologists, now diseases like anxiety, sorrow and depression are increasing in children at a very fast pace. Apart from this, a strange concern is arising among the children about climate change, which psychologists are calling ‘Eco-agnity’. Actually, children feel that this earth is no longer worth living for them. It has been brought home in the minds of children that by the time they grow up, this earth will not survive due to climate change. In view of this, a few days ago, British scientists said during a conference that “the reason for the change in behavior of children is due to bad climate somewhere.”

The report has raised concerns that despite adequate evidence regarding the threat of climate change on children’s lives, there is still no public debate on this at the policy level, nor does any initiative appear to be Qadami’s efforts. A new report titled ‘Feeling the Heat-Child Survival in Chasing Climate’ released by Save the Children, a global body of child rights, said that climate change is the biggest threat to children’s health globally. According to the report, climate change can have such an impact on children in the coming days-

How Climate Change Affect Kids Mental and Physical Health
Does environment affect mental health?

Risk of Diarrhea

According to researchers researching climate change and health issues, there can be up to 10% increase in cases of diarrhea in parts of Asia and Africa, besides increasing the number of other diseases caused by water infection Will be. According to the report, in most cases of diarrhea, the root cause is lack of cleanliness and lack of clean drinking water. Around 1 billion 30 crore people in the world do not have clean drinking water and if the world temperature rises by 2 degrees Celsius due to climate change. If gone, 1 billion 30 million additional population will be Mahurum with clean drinking water. This will intensify the outbreak of diseases caused by diarrhea and water infection.

Increase in outbreak of diseases like malaria and dengue

In addition, according to the report, climate change, population growth, changing methods of land use and deforestation conditions together will increase the outbreak of many diseases like malaria and dengue and its victims will be children. Significantly, only 1 million children die annually due to malaria. Of these, 80 percent of children below five years of age. If the public awareness of the issues of nature, water and air is not increased in the world, then we will not be able to save our children from these dangerous diseases.

Spread of Encephalitis and Fatal Infection

New diseases are spread every year from a fly or mosquito, due to which most children suffer the most. Mental fever and seasonal infection are the effects of climate change somewhere. Infections that spread in a particular weather are spread in a particular temperature. The way we are exploiting the earth, it will spread all these diseases and every time it will come in new form.

Mental Disease and Depression

It is very sad that even small children nowadays are falling prey to mental diseases. He is more mature than his age and in this way he is falling prey to mental illnesses very soon. All of a sudden, angry at anything, irritable and unhappy, all these point towards mental illnesses. Diseases such as depression or depression in children are spreading more in polluted cities, which is proof that climate change is really impacting the mental health of children.

Does environment affect mental health?

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