Does Chocolate increase bone density?

Does Chocolate increase bone density? When babies cry, you often calm them down by giving them chocolate. On the occasion of happiness, one consumes lots of chocolates, chocolate cakes, chocolate drinks etc. But do you know that eating too much chocolate affects your health? Yes, consuming too much chocolate is harmful for bones. Apart from this, it can also give many types of diseases. Let us tell you what are the major disadvantages of eating chocolate.

Chocolate weakens bones

Eating chocolate continuously weakens bones. This increases the risk of osteoporosis (a disease in which the amount of nutrients and minerals present in bones and bones are weakened) and bone fractures. By the way, the flavonols and calcium present in chocolate are beneficial for bones but it also contains oxalate. This oxalate absorbs calcium and sugar. In this way the amount of calcium in the body is low and bones are weak.

Does Chocolate increase bone density?

Children can get diabetes by eating too much chocolate

Eating chocolate also increases the amount of glucose in the body, which is like inviting diabetes at a young age. Apart from this, brain function may be slowed by its intake. Type 2 diabetes does not occur only to the older people but also to younger children. Children who eat more chocolate are more at risk of developing type 2 diabetes because eating chocolate affects their body’s insulin.

Chocolate can cause obesity

Eating chocolate can also increase your obesity. Nowadays small children are becoming obese due to chocolate and junk foods. Eating more than a limit of chocolate increases obesity and causes the body to swell. Make chocolate your choice rather than stomach it, if chocolate is consumed in a small amount, ie once in a week, then such problems can be avoided.

Problem of excessive urination

5 mg in a milk chocolate. There is caffeine, on reaching the body, the child feels more urination. Many times the children have to go for urination every ten minutes. If this is the case, do not give milk chocolate to the child at all.

Chocolate can become ‘habit’

If your child regularly consumes chocolate, he may get addicted to it and if he does not get it, he may suffer from restlessness as well as many other problems. Therefore, it is important that you keep an eye on your child not to consume too much chocolate etc. When children become addicted to eating chocolate, they do not like healthy food and they demand to eat chocolate every time they feel hungry. This causes a continuous decline in their health and stops their body’s development.

Does Chocolate increase bone density?

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