Does banana remove dark spots?

Does banana remove dark spots? Bananas are a picture of almost every home at the breakfast table. After eating bananas do you also put the peel in the dustbin? So before doing this next time, know that they are as beneficial for the skin as any good facial. We are sharing with you some tips, which will try to glow in the skin and also get rid of many types of skin problems.

Find these 5 ways to get Fennel Skin from Banana Peel
Does banana remove dark spots?

1 # Rub the inner portion of the peel on the face and neck and wash it with lukewarm water after about half an hour. On regular basis, it will eliminate wrinkles.

2 # It contains antioxidants which relieve spots and bring glow to the skin. They are more effective than anti-aging creams.

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3 # Remove the white fiber from the banana peel and mix it in the Aloevera gel and apply it around the eyes. Doing this will reduce dark circles.

4 # Cut a small piece of peel and gently rub it on the acne prone skin. Do this for 10 minutes and then wash the face with lukewarm water.

5 # Applying banana peel on the wart suppresses the warts and new ones do not come out. For this, rub the inner layer of the skin on the skin.

Does banana remove dark spots?

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