Do men get embarrassed?

Do men get embarrassed? There are many such things among men which cause them to be embarrassed in public places. From baldness of the head to the stench of the feet also cause their embarrassment. For these things you do not have to be ashamed, for this we are telling you those 5 reasons and ways to avoid them.

5 Reasons Have to be Embarrassed to Men
Do men get embarrassed?

Unwanted hair
Men often get embarrassed because of unwanted hair on their chest and back. For this, apply turmeric powder and curd to the skin on the skin. Rub it lightly on drying and wash it. This will remove unwanted hair.

Applying coconut oil in fennel and fenugreek paste helps in alleviating baldness.

Men have been seen to be embarrassed many times due to dandruff, adding curd to baking soda to remove dandruff and applying it to hair removes dandruff.

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Foot odor
Men are often ashamed of their foot odor. If your feet also smell bad, then you add curd in gram flour and apply on the feet, leaving the skin open. This removes the smell of the feet.

Drink gourd juice daily to reduce obesity. This increases metabolism and reduces obesity rapidly. You will not have to be embarrassed anywhere.

Do men get embarrassed?

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