You must have seen and heard many people taking dietary supplements. These supplements are therefore taken to meet the nutrients we are unable to take from our normal diet. Dietary supplements are also provided to some adults and some children. In a way, it is given to children for their health, health and development. But these supplements are beneficial or harmful for children, let us know in detail in this article.
Dietary supplements for children

Dietary supplements are provided for children to meet nutritional deficiencies. In which these supplements are available for children in the form of gums, chewing pills and powders and drinks. These dietary supplements provide children with all the necessary vitamins. While these dietary supplements may have some advantages, there may be some disadvantages as well. If you give these supplements to your child, then keep in mind some important things given below.

Dietary Supplements For Kids
Disadvantages of dietary supplements

According to Health Experts, it is believed that if the label on dietary supplements says that it is natural, it does not mean that it is completely safe for your child. Its incorrect dosage can also cause some health problems in children. like:

stomach pain
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Reverse etc.

This is the reason that you do not give any supplements to the child without medical advice.

Benefits of dietary supplements

As we have also told you above that it has some disadvantages and some advantages as well, so here now you also know some advantages of dietary supplements.

Younger children, who are fed vegetarian food, have the benefit of dietary supplements. This is because it provides them with essential nutrients for growth like Vitamin B12.

vitamin D

Your child gets vitamin D by taking dietary supplements. Vitamin D is very important for healthy development and healthy body of children. A study has also found that vitamin D deficiency in childhood increases the risk of high blood pressure in children. Apart from this, this vitamin D is also necessary for strong bones of children.


If your child is taking antibiotics, he or she may be given probiotics to reduce reactions such as diarrhea or constipation. But do it once the antibiotic course is complete.

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Fish oil

Fish oil supplements or fish oil are rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are very beneficial for the brain development of a child. In addition, it is believed to have many benefits including muscle development.

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