Delay in vaccination-of-Children-Cause-of-Diseases

During the coronavirus epidemic, parents worldwide are contacting pediatricians for routine vaccination of their children. Although the whole world has come to a standstill due to the epidemic, vaccination for children is very important because vaccination protects children from many serious diseases. The World Health Organization has warned that vaccination is an important healthcare service that could have an impact on the Kovid-19 epidemic. But even short-term interruptions in vaccination can increase the likelihood of vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles in children.

The situation of Kovid-19 is changing every day, doctors are changing their services and treatment methods. This epidemic has told us how important Vaccine is. The disease can spread rapidly without a vaccine and its consequences can be severe. For example, the risk of spreading of Measles and many other diseases has increased, so we have to protect our children from these diseases by timely vaccination.


Necessary vaccines / vaccines given to newborns and children

Measles and Rubella Vaccine (Measles)
Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Polio Vaccine
TDAP Vaccine
Pneumococcus and Haemophilus influenzae (Pneumococcus and Haemophilus influenzae)

Containment risk

Delaying the booster vaccine can be serious for children, and can also inhibit their development. The severity of the problem depends on how late the vaccine is delayed, how many doses a child misses before returning to school or day care. Measles attack is a good example of this because of the vaccine missed in US children. Many children missed the vaccine due to the outbreak of the epidemic in the country. In April 2019, the Center for Disease and Prevention reported the highest number of cases of measles in the US since 2000, where the disease was eradicated domestically.

Why vaccination calendar is important

Let us know why it is important to follow the prescribed calendar for the vaccine.
Importance of vaccine calendar
Sometimes parents are worried about many vaccines for their children, especially on a 2,4 or 6 month visit.
It is not only safe, but when the parents follow this calendar, the child is safe for a long time.
Parents are also concerned about the side effects and other risks of the vaccine.
Sometimes the wrong information from social media bothers them.
But the risk of disease is always higher than the risk of vaccine. It is common for parents to get information about their children’s treatment and vaccine. But it is also important that they get only the right information from expert doctors and reliable sources.

Time schedule for vaccine

Pediatricians make this calendar in such a way that the child gets maximum protection.
The time of vaccine is decided in such a way that it has the best effect.
If the parents do not follow this calendar, then their children are not safe.
It is therefore important to follow the vaccine calendar for newborns and children.

Inputs: Doctor Ramani Ranjan, Consultant Pediatrics and Neonatologist, Motherhood Hospital, Noida

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