Dating Tips: Know why some women act dumb on dates

Dating rules and platforms may have changed, but some things are still the same, such as chewing gum clinging to clothes. One such common example is that of women doing stupid things on a date. It cannot be denied that because it is seen so often, but the best thing in changing times is that people have changed the idea of ​​the definition of stupid actions and if those things are completely out of your grasp then Your mind may be confused.

After all, why do girls act stupid on a date

According to a study done by an international dating site, 6 out of 10 women act stupid on a date so they are not afraid of less intelligent men. About 59% of the women involved in the study struggle to find a partner who can read their minds, so she is less clever on dates and when she realizes that her date has no news about it Change the subject of things. The findings of the study may contradict the search for a partner like yourself.

This happens because of trying to know your partner

Both men and women consider this dating scene important as to why women do this. Actually, women take this step so that they know their date well. Some people believe that when it comes to dating, he and his friends show such an approach and they are irritated by the words like idiocy. People believe that when someone is on a date, he wants that there is no debate between the two about something, so he refrains from showing his opinion strongly.

This is done to make the partner comfortable

Some people believe that he tries to be serious on a date so that he can make his date feel comfortable for at least two dates. And if you go beyond this, you touch very little on the topics that can be debated. On the other hand, experts who provide dating tips say that women initially do this on a date because they want to know how far things will go and do not spoil things by showing more understanding. And perhaps it is also because she wants to impress her date by doing such actions.

The biggest reason for impressing someone

Both women and men do such acts but not all women do it on their date. Gauri Shetty, a data analyst, says that is not the case. They say that women should not do this while meeting someone on a date, rather they should be shown as they are. He also denied that no one should be threatened on the first date.

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