Cristiano Ronaldo posts fake image of Amazon rainforest fires on Instagram

The Juventus star, Cristiano Ronaldo, was one of the many famous names to publish a misleading image of the fires of the Amazon rainforest.

Cristiano Ronaldo led the prayers for the Amazon rainforest last week, while the fires spread to levels out of control.

Brazil has seen a record number of forest fires in 2019, with the northern states of Roraima, Acre, Rondonia and Amazonas particularly affected.

Some 73,000 fires have been unleashed in the Amazon, the largest rainforest in the world, since January, marking an increase of 83% in 2018.

It is believed that many of the fires started deliberately and suspicions fell on farmers and ranchers who could benefit from having more land available.

Ronaldo, who is in his second season with Juventus, shared a message on social networks following the news.

Cristiano Ronaldo in Juventus training ahead of the new season (Image: GETTY)

He wrote on Instagram: “The Amazon rainforest produces more than 20% of the world’s oxygen and has been burning for the past 3 weeks.

“It is our responsibility to help save our planet #prayforamazonia.”

Unfortunately for Ronaldo, the striking image he published along with his message was not a current image of the burning Amazon rainforest.

Thousands of photos were shared on social networks this week showing the jungle in flames.

However, many of these turned out to be false since they did not show the current condition of the Amazon.

The image that Ronaldo shared was actually from the Taim Ecological Station in Brazil, which was taken in 2013.

But the Juventus star was not the only one to publish a false image.

Cristiano Ronaldo in action during Juventus’ 1-0 win over Parma (Image: GETTY)

Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Emmanuel Macron and Gisele Bundchen were also among celebrities for sharing obsolete or incorrect images of the Amazon rainforest.

Meanwhile, Ronaldo was in action on Saturday when Juventus began his Serie A defense away from Parma.

The Portuguese striker joined Real Madrid for £ 99 million last summer and impressed in Italy in his debut season.

Ronaldo will turn 35 this mandate, but when asked about retiring, he told the Portuguese broadcaster TVI: “I don’t think about that.

“Maybe I can finish my career next year, but I can also play up to 40 or 41.

“I don’t know. What I always say is enjoy the moment.

“The gift is excellent and I have to continue enjoying it.”

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