Cotton Candy Maker Factory

Sweet Cotton Candy Maker Factory

The Cotton Candy Maker Factory cotton candies. Bringing you with colors of life in this new free making and cooking game. This creates colorful cotton candies including blueberry, yellow, white, Blue, pink and many other colors.

Yes! Our new game “Cotton Candy Maker Factory” comes in many amazing and beautiful colors along with multiple flavors, it provides you with your own candy shop to provide you with a chance to make and cook your cotton candies in your own way. just open this game , pick your favorite color. start by choosing a tasty and yummy flavor. Mix them, toss them and cook them!


We have got you covered with tons of things and options for you, so just start cooking and make the best cotton candies in the candies world. In this game “Cotton Candy Maker” take your sugar and toss your favorite flavors together in order to create a yummy cotton candy dessert.

Cotton Candy Maker Factory
Cotton Candy Maker Factory

Open the free game as the making machine is ready to provide you with the best experience for cotton candies making and cooking. This sweet candy making game is so easy and simple to make and surely it will make you a candy chef and gourmet professional.

Start by adding the sugar, now pick the flavors, and put it into the machine to spin these ingredients to make them fluffy and mix it up to create the best cotton candies in no time.

Now once made, this game even allows to decorate your cotton candies to transform them into a sweet, lovely , amazing treat that looks good and also tastes great. Grab the cotton candy and transform it into something decorative by using the garnishing items. Its fluffy and tasty and will give you the best treat.
In Cotton Candy Maker, grab your sugar and bring your favorite flavors to create an awesome dessert. The machine is ready and warming up; all it needs is you! This sweet treat is so easy to make that you’ll be a professional in no time. Add your sugar, pick your flavor, and spin those ingredients to fluff it up! You can even decorate your cotton candy creation to make a sweet, sweet treat that looks good and tastes good, too. Don’t forget to take a bite when you’re done! It’s melt-in-your-mouth good

Cotton Candy Maker Factory is the ultimate making and baking dessert game that comes with the following sizzling, amazing, thrilling and exclusive Features:
– Many kinds of colors and flavors
– Choose among your own cotton candy shapes.
– Mix the sweet candy sugar into the swinging machine.
– Full candy making experience involving adding sugar, making cotton candies
– Complete machine and cotton candies making experience
– Garnish items including candies, sticks, chocolates and sprinkles
– Many ways to customize your cotton candy desserts
– Many amazing and Fun colors and flavors
– Cute and Adorable decorations to top it off
– Tons of ways to mix and match to garnish
– Minutes and Hours of cooking and making fun

Cotton Candy Maker Factory

Cotton Candy Maker Factory comes with following features:
– Very straightforward and easy controls suitable for all ages: Just tap, swipe and touch
– Interactive cooking and baking game which is full of fun
– Interactive features and controls to play the game.
– Spin your cotton candies and make the best
– Decorate it with many garnishing items!

😘Follow the instructions and turn colorful sugar into cotton candies. Serve your customers different flavors of cotton candies. 😘Enlarge your business and boost the income.

😋 Various of delicious ingredients to choose from
😋 Use a special machine to make colorful cotton candies
😋 All kinds of decorations to add
😋 Have fun to run your own candy shop

A happy game to teach kids to make delicious cotton candies!


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