Most of us like to drink tea as soon as we get up in the morning. Regardless of the tea you drink, you usually eat one or two biscuits together. Similarly, children also want to eat biscuits with milk in the morning. According to experts, eating biscuits with tea can increase your weight, so even biscuits are not safe for children. However, weight gain and not increasing depends on which type of biscuits you eat or the amount and type of biscuits the child takes throughout the day.

Excessive consumption of biscuits affects the immunity of our body and deteriorates the balance of mineral salts in the body. At the same time, excessive consumption of these can cause many side effects to children as compared to the adults, the digestive system and whole body of children are very delicate. Let us know in detail what are the reasons that make biscuits unhealthy.


1. Problem digesting

Flour is the main ingredient for making biscuits. No nutrients are present in the flour. Therefore, not only the children but also the elders have to face difficulties in digesting biscuits. The digestive system of children is very soft and delicate compared to adults. Therefore, they may have to face trouble more quickly than the elders. So let your children eat as many biscuits as possible. Excessive consumption of these can end your or child’s hunger. That is why they are also called empty calorie food.

2. Lack of nutrients

As we know that biscuits are made from fine flour and there is not a single nutritious element in the flour, but it is harmful to our health. While nutrition elements are very important for the physical and mental development of children. Most of it contains harmful synthetic substances like flour, unhealthy fats, sodium, potassium etc. Apart from this, other products like toffee, chocolate, cold drinks, cakes, etc., which are liked not only by children but also by elders, are not healthy to eat.

3. Weak Eye sight Problem

Trans fat is used in biscuits. Trans fat makes your good and bad cholesterol irregular, so makes the eyesight and development of children very weak. Along with vision, children may also complain of allergies, diabetes and obesity, although some brands of biscuits claim that they do not contain any kind of trans fat. But still there is a certain amount of fat in them. Therefore, you and your children should rarely eat biscuits or other things outside.

4. Danger of Cancer

Biscuits have a variety of fats and preservatives and colors added to them when making them for long-term use. Those who are at risk of cancer. Try to have at least these types of accounts as you and children, because they contain a lot of chemical-rich flavors to increase the test. Which is very harmful for everyone’s health. They are also prone to brain damage or tumors.

5. Risk of obesity

Biscuits contain too many calories which can prove to be very harmful for you or children. This can also increase weight. Anyway, the problem of obesity in children is increasing nowadays. Along with increasing weight, they can also give you many diseases. Not only this, high intake of insulin in the body starts increasing. Due to which the risk of blood sugar increases. Consuming more sweet biscuits has bad effects on teeth and skin. You should eat fruit in the morning instead of biscuits and feed the child.

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