Children less than 5 years are at Risk of UTI

Children less than 5 years are at Risk of UTI: UTI occurs only in adults, this is not entirely correct. You may be surprised to hear that about eight per cent of girls and two per cent of boys fall prey to UTI before the age of five. Small children are susceptible, which makes them very susceptible to many infections and health problems. Give. In the initial years, the children easily get worms in the stomach, for which they are also given worms medicine after every 6 months. Due to lack of immunity, children suffer from common cold and other infections every season. One of the most dangerous infections in children is UTI. UTI is an infection associated with the urinary tract of the body, also known as ‘urinary tract infection’. While it is mostly believed that UTI occurs only in adults and especially in women. But it becomes more dangerous in children under 5 years of age. Let’s know about it in detail.

Children less than 5 years are at Risk of UTI
Children less than 5 years are at Risk of UTI

How does UTI happen at the age of 5?

Infections occur when germs find a way into the urinary tract. In children, UTI usually occurs when bacteria from their skin or feces enter the urinary tract and multiply. Girls are more likely to have a UTI because their urethra is shorter, allowing bacteria from the anus to easily enter the vagina and urethra. In the case of boys, those who have not been circumcised have a slightly higher risk of UTI. Children with a problem called reflux (vesicoureteral reflux or VUR) have a higher risk of infection when urine flows incorrectly. Sometimes some children are born with this problem or other birth defects of the urinary system, which can lead to more serious problems later on.

Symptoms of uti in children

In young children it is difficult to see UTI symptoms in children. Kidney infection can take the form of a UTI in a child. In such a situation, it is important that you should understand the symptoms of UTI and get your children treated before they become ill.

– Lower abdominal pain
– Back or armpit pain
– Urgent need to urinate or urinate frequently
– Some children also lose control of their urine and may wet the bed
– Blood drops can also be seen in urine or urine becomes pink

In case of infants, symptoms of UTI

– Less interest in food
– cry more
-Pet spoil etc.

How to prevent UTI in Children

– Cleanliness is the most basic and most essential habit, which the child should adopt. Cleanliness of the washroom is also important in this.
– Parents should ensure that their children are not exposed to dirty washrooms and then look for signs of illness.
– Changing baby diapers regularly is also something that parents should keep in mind to prevent bacteria from growing.
– Girls should be instructed to wipe from front to back to prevent bacteria in the vagina and urinary tract.
– Children should be encouraged to go to the bathroom as soon as possible and it should be forbidden to be stopped.
– Children should wear cotton underwear (not nylon ones) to improve airflow and prevent bacteria from growing.
-Children should be encouraged to drink lots of water, which will help to eject bacteria from the urinary tract.
-UTI can also be a major factor in constipation. Therefore, consume fiber in the form of vegetables and fruits.

Children less than 5 years are at Risk of UTI

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