Obesity is a common problem that most people are worried about. Due to poor lifestyle nowadays, most children are also facing obesity. Obesity is dangerous both for children or for adults. Maintaining healthy weight is very important to stay healthy. Childhood obesity affects children in large numbers all over the world. This is a situation when a child weighs more according to his age and length. According to the WHO, childhood obesity is one of the most serious and common public health problems of the 21st century. This problem is global and is continuously affecting many countries, especially in urban areas, from inactive lifestyle and wrong eating habits, from children to elders, making them ill. Childhood obesity can affect both physical and mental health of children. That is why it is important to prevent childhood obesity, in which parents have an important role. Let us here show you some easy ways to prevent obesity in children or reduce weight.


How to prevent obesity in childhood
1. Provide proper nutrition according to the age of the child

Many parents pamper their children with more food than they need. But do you know that these habits can make your child overweight? Probably not. That is why, according to the age of the child, always eat the right amount and fulfill his nutritional needs in the right amount. Eating the right nutrition and the right amount for children will contribute to their development and give them energy.

2. Teach you to choose the right snacks or foods

Always keep in mind that the way you teach your children in childhood, it becomes their choice. If you let your children get used to healthy snacks and mines in early childhood, then they learn the same. Conversely children are usually fed sweets, candies and fried snacks and market items, so they start liking them. Therefore, it is in your hands that how do you make a habit of catering to your child. Feed your children healthy diet games and teach them to choose the right snacks or foods.

3. have dinner together

If you eat food together as a family, it develops healthy eating habits in the child. In addition, when you eat healthy foods, it helps your children to learn the same and chances are that they like those things.

4. Avoid phone or TV while eating

When you or your children eat, you keep yourself and them away from the TV or phone. Because your children will learn as you do. Watching TV or phone while eating is more or less likely to happen. Due to which weight can also increase. This makes it difficult for children to understand that their stomach is full.

5. Give a balance diet

Always make your child’s food plate full of all the nutrients, which will help in their proper development. You give them a balanced, nutritious and tasty food. So that they are not attracted to the outside food and stay healthy. In addition, to reduce childhood obesity, make them eat fiber foods. Because early stage healthy eating habits and regular physical activity help in fighting the risk of childhood obesity. In addition, family members and parents play an important role in this.

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