As more and more countries are going into unlockdown mode, the truth is that the coronavirus epidemic is going to be very high. Although medical experts and scientists from all over the world are trying to get closer to treating this highly contagious disease, now all the attention is focused on finding new ways to work safely in the circumstances around us.

Currently, you can definitely feel happy and unhappy between working from home, doing household chores and taking care of small children. But you do not know how emotionally upset children can be at this time and what is the state of their mental health. If you are scared of this epidemic, then just think about how it is affecting your young child. Corona has not only disrupted our lives but also dramatically changed our daily routine. Schools and workplaces have been closed indefinitely, causing not only adults experiencing stress and anxiety on a daily basis but also your children who are mentally disturbed. In this article we are trying to tell you how to recognize the gestures of the child. With these 4 signs you can identify if your child is a victim of anxiety.


Bedwetting and old habits increase

Parents whose children are young may experience retrograde behavior or old habits in children at this time. So if you have told your child to go to the toilet, but he may start wetting the bed again. With this, old behaviors and habits like sucking the thumb and clinging to the parents can start sleeping again. Pay attention to these signs and ask your child if he or she is feeling. Is he afraid or not feeling unwell?

Mood Swings

Children going through the current crisis often start to show tantrums and get flabbergasted and actually hoarse. So if you notice these changes in your child’s behavior, it is always a good idea to check if he is feeling stressed or anxious. Children do not really have defense mechanisms to deal with negative behavior, so they resort to irritability, anger, and snappy behavior.
Changes in eating or sleeping habits

If you feel that your child is sleeping too much or too little, apart from regular changes in the sleeping patterns of children due to the epidemic, it is necessary to pay attention to that sign. Be alert to other changes like loss of appetite, overeating or refusal to eat. These signs may indicate emotional distress.


If your child is having nightmares it is affecting his sleep cycle and overall mood. These signs indicate that your child is struggling with stress and anxiety. Ask him what kind of dreams he has been having lately and whether there are any repetitive thoughts that are bothering him.

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