Can you walk too much during pregnancy?

Can you walk too much during pregnancy? During pregnancy, your energy level remains low. Your enlarged belly and low energy levels make you feel tired and your body wants more rest. The increasing weight due to pregnancy can invite a lot of problems, so doing light exercise during this time is very important for both the pregnant and the unborn baby. According to Dr. Ranjana Bacon, Gynecologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, pregnant women need to walk at a brisk or moderate pace for at least two and a half hours every week. Not only this, doing aerobic, yoga is also beneficial for them in physical activities. If you are healthy and you have a normal pregnancy then the option of walking is the safest option. Walking at a moderate pace does not cause problems like premature delivery, low birth weight or miscarriage.

Walking during pregnancy health benefits
Walking during pregnancy health benefits

pregnancy walk
Benefits of walking in pregnancy

If you walk during pregnancy, it has a great effect on your fitness. It also improves blood circulation. Apart from this, walking helps in getting the muscles toned. Apart from this, pregnant women get many following benefits.

It helps in reducing back pain a lot.
The problem of constipation goes away.
Chances of normal delivery increase.
The woman is not at risk of diabetes.
Doesn’t gain much weight.
Blood clots do not clot.
Helps in reducing weight after delivery.

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How long should pregnant women walk?

The biggest question that arises in the mind of women is how much and how long should they last during pregnancy. So here we have the answer of your question too. Let us tell you that you can walk for 15 to 30 minutes five days a week, at least twice a day. Increase your walking habit in a few days and you can even go for a long walk.
How to get into the habit of walking during pregnancy?

pregnancy walk benefits

Doing yoga during pregnancy is beneficial. How much you walk also depends on which month your pregnancy is going on.

The first three months – the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, differ in walking habits and methods of doing yoga. You wear comfortable shoes. This will reduce your risk of falling. Increase walking speed with increasing time. You can walk for 10 to 15 minutes these days.
The middle three months- Between the middle three ie four to six months, you need to pay attention to the posture of your body. So that there is no strain on the back. You can try a belly support band. Walk intermittently to avoid swelling. But like the first three months, keep the pace of walking fast in these three months also.
Last three months – From the seventh to the ninth month, continue your walking habit as usual. Use a belly belt. It is better to take a break than to walk for a long time and take a member with you if your delivery date is near. If you have back pain while walking, contact your doctor.

These tips will work

Your steps may be shorter due to the baby bump. If you are having trouble, walk less and reduce your speed too. Apart from this, what precautions you have to take, they also know.

Choose comfortable shoes while walking.
Use sunscreen of SPF 30 on your skin.
Drink more and more water to keep yourself hydrated.
Have a filling breakfast about 30 minutes before you walk.
Choose a suitable place for a walk.

When to Call A Doctor

By the way, during pregnancy you can need a doctor at any time. But when you see the alarm bell, contact the doctor without delay.

If there is blood coming from the vagina.
Feel dizzy while walking.
Have trouble breathing before walking.
Chest pain and muscle weakness.

If you also walk during pregnancy, then before that you must know about the precautions related to it. Walking is beneficial for everyone, but if the problem starts increasing, it is better to stop it. Because keeping the child with you healthy is only in your hands.

Can you walk too much during pregnancy?

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