Can you check yourself for enlarged prostate?

Can you check yourself for enlarged prostate? According to a report published in the journal, Journal of Physical Activity and Health, sitting for long periods not only increases your stomach, but it also has a negative effect on your Protest Health. As you become less active, the level of a particular protein associated with prostate cancer increases. So let’s know in detail what prostate is, what is its importance and what can cause harm to it.

These Weird Things can Mess with your Prostate
Can you check yourself for enlarged prostate?

What is prostate
The prostate, or prostate, is a very important part of the size of some walnuts present in the genitals of men. This gland helps in the creation of semen, which causes the semen to move forward during the sexual climax. In the prostate gland, general bacterial infections can cause serious diseases such as cancer. There are two types of diseases commonly seen in men with any type of problem in the prostate. First, prostatic hypathrophy (BPH) and second prostate cancer. In the first type of disease, the size of the prostate becomes larger than normal, due to which the urethra becomes narrower and there is problem in urination and pain. In the second type of disease, ie, prostate cancer, the prostate gland becomes cancerous. If it is not treated at the right time, then it also affects the surrounding organs.

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What does research say
In the research, researchers measured participants’ levels of physical activity and found that men who spent an hour a day in fallow dysfunction were 16 percent more likely to have prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels. On the other hand, men who spent more than one hour in action in the day were less likely to increase ‘PSA’ by 18 percent.

PSA’ and relationship in prostate cancer
‘PSAs’ are proteins formed by cells in the prostate gland. Previously, a simple blood test used an increased level of PSA to check for increased risk of developing prostate cancer. But now most doctors know that high PSA levels can be a false alarm for cancer. Not only cancer, inflammation of the prostate, infection or enlargement of the prostate can also increase the level of PSA.

What to do to keep prostate health healthy
Do not smoke at all if you want to keep your prostate health healthy. Smoking causes heavy damage not only to prostate health but to the entire body. The chances of smoking etc. of the prostate gland are greatly increased. Also reduce caffeine and alcohol consumption. Drink only one cup of coffee a day. Also protect yourself from mobile radiation. Men, do not always keep your mobile phone in your pants pocket. Because radiation can cause damage to the prostate gland. However, there are still many opinions on this issue of mobile radiation. Also, by doing regular exercise, prostate health is also better. Kegal exercise is a very beneficial exercise for this.

According to the American Cancer Society, there are more than 190,000 cases of prostate cancer in the US every year. In India too, these figures are worrisome. But fortunately, you can do a lot to keep your prostate healthy.

Can you check yourself for enlarged prostate?

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