Can watching TV cause speech delay?

Can watching TV cause speech delay? Many times it has been seen that children learn to pronounce some words at an early age, while there are some children who take a lot of time to speak. When children learn to speak late, parents get worried about it. Normally after one year children start speaking something or the other. Let us tell you that the physical development of every child is different, so some children learn to speak on time, while some start speaking late. There are many reasons behind children starting speaking late. According to science, babies try to give their reaction by looking at their mother’s gesture and her lips. When children are called in front of their name by clapping or rapidly, they immediately start looking at that side. Let us know about the reasons for late speaking of children, the symptoms and special methods of calling early.

Can watching TV cause speech delay?

Late Talking Children Causes

Late speaking of children can be due to many problems. Birth, health-related conditions, genetic reasons are also believed to be responsible behind this. For the proper development of children, it is necessary that their hearing and speaking abilities are fine. In such a situation, when children do not start speaking at the right time, then parents get worried about this matter. There can be many reasons for children to start speaking late which are as follows.

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  1. Late crying of babies.
  2. Due to the mother suffering from jaundice during pregnancy.
  3. Due to injury to the brain of the child at the time of birth.
  4. Due to the birth of a child prematurely.
  5. Due to hearing problems in children.
  6. Due to ear infection.
  7. Due to problems in the palate.
  8. On having cerebral palsy in children.
  9. The problem of speech is genetic.

Late Talking Children Prevention
Children start speaking late for many reasons. You can adopt some measures to avoid the problem of late speaking of children. The best way to train a child’s brain is to talk to him. The more words you say, the more words the child’s brain will try to understand and understand. This will keep his mind engaged and increase his vocabulary. That’s where it starts from the womb itself. After birth, take your baby for a walk and help him talk and talk about things happening around him. If they respond to your response by nodding your head or moving their arms or pointing at you, that should prompt them to speak more. Parents of children should always keep these things in mind during the upbringing.


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Spend more time with children, train them to speak.
Try to talk to the children frequently.
Repeat the words that the children say.
Read the book loudly in front of the children.
Don’t let kids watch too much TV.
Let the children memorize some things and help them to repeat them.

By taking care of the above mentioned things, you can save your child from the problem of speaking late. Most babies start trying to speak their first words between 11 and 14 months of age. At the same time, by 16 months, a child should start speaking 40 words a day. As the child keeps on hearing new words every day, gradually his vocabulary starts increasing. By his third birthday, a child should be able to make sense of complex sentences and get hold of the interactions that occur with them. On the other hand, if the child’s development of speech is slow, then parents should pay special attention to it. And as a parent, you can also help your child talk faster.

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