Can smoking affect testosterone levels?

Can smoking affect testosterone levels? Bad addictions amid runaway routines, disorganized lifestyles, workload and mental stress are adding to people’s problems in the current era, as their physical energy gets depleted day by day. Experts describe this as a matter of grave concern. Rajat Trehan, a clinical nutritionist, dietician and founder of Heal Your Body, said that people need to think about the bad habits that reduce physical energy, which they can abandon and adopt a healthy lifestyle.

According to the latest report by the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, 28.6 percent of India’s total 130 million population consumes tobacco. The report reveals the shocking fact that about 18.4 per cent of the youth consume not only tobacco but also other dangerous intoxicants such as cigarettes, bidis, khaini, beetles, opium, cannabis.

Smoking Cause Low Testosterone in Men
Can smoking affect testosterone levels?

Can smoking affect testosterone levels?

In the WHO Global Status Report last year, some similar alarming figures were revealed. According to this 2017 report, per capita alcohol consumption in India has doubled in the last 11 years. While a person used to drink 3 liters of alcohol 11 years ago, its consumption has increased to 6 liters in the last 11 years.

According to the report, in addition to tobacco and alcohol, drug addiction has increased rapidly among Indian youth in this decade. That drug is drugs. Consumption of drugs and other drugs also results in excessive use of energy to maintain physical performance, which causes these drugs to accumulate as toxic substances in the liver and lungs.

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Food habits have also changed quite rapidly in the last few years. From sperfood to junk food, not only in cities, but also in rural areas are now spreading its foot. According to a Clint report in 2018, 35% of Indians eat fast food in less than a week.

According to a survey by the Indian Journal of Public Health, 14 percent of school children are obese. Lack of essential nutrients in junk food increases obesity, increased risk of cholesterol at an early age, and the liver and other digestive organs of food require a lot of energy and hormonal secretion to digest junk food, because these foods Substances contain high amounts of carbohydrates and fats.

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Changing lifestyles and urban lifestyle are a major cause of reduced sleep. People do not sleep due to workload, pressure of education, souring relationships, stress and other problems. The youth spend most of the time watching movies and partying at night.

Experts point out that lack of sleep causes stress hormones to be released. It decreases testosterone. Lack of sleep increases the risk of heart disease and obesity. Due to less sleep, the body needs more energy, in such a way that there is accumulation of fat, which increases the risk of diabetes ie diabetes by several times.

Yoga, meditation and exercise are all three things to get rid of body and body related health problems. All of these balance normal circulation (blood circulation) and hormones to our body, along with maintaining physical energy and its ability to function. During physical exercise, our body burns fat and calories, which gives the body more energy.

Can smoking affect testosterone levels?

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