Can obesity cause infertility in males?

Can obesity cause infertility in males? Nowadays, many couples are found who do not have children even after all the efforts. Most of these couples are those in which one or both of the spouses are obese. Due to poor lifestyle and poor diet, as people are increasing diseases like obesity, diabetes and cancer, fertility is also decreasing. The special thing is that both men and women are at risk. Let us tell you how obesity affects your fertility and what are the ways to improve it.

Obesity Affects Fertility in Men and Women Both
Can obesity cause infertility in males?

Obesity causes hormonal imbalance

Obesity is a major cause of hormonal imbalance in women and men. While the sperm of men is affected due to hormonal imbalance, there can be period problems in women, which causes difficulty in ovulation, and does not stop pregnancy. Your correct weight not only increases your fertility, but is also essential for the health of both mother and child.

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Men with erectile dysfunction

Obesity causes many diseases in the body such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and kidney problems, affecting the blood circulation of the body. Due to the lack of proper blood flow in the penis, stiffness is not maintained, which makes it difficult to form relationships. This also affects fertility of males.

Risk of miscarriage in women due to obesity

Women also have an increased risk of miscarriage due to being overweight. It has been seen in many cases that if a woman is overweight and even conceives, a miscarriage occurs after a few weeks. Apart from this, another problem is that obese women do not have normal delivery, but mostly have to resort to operation.

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Obesity prevents insulin from forming

The process of producing insulin in the body slows down due to obesity, which increases the risk of diabetes for a person. But the lack of insulin in women affects fertility because the periods in the body become irregular when the insulin is low and pregnancy does not happen.

Can obesity cause infertility in males?

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