Can neem leaf prevent pregnancy?

Can neem leaf prevent pregnancy? Neem is always discussed for its therapeutic properties. Then, whether its teeth have benefits for teeth and gums, or the amazing quality of the juice of its leaves to purify the blood. But do you know that daily intake of extracts of neem leaves can cause male infertility? Yes, today we are going to tell you in detail how the consumption of neem juice has a negative effect on the male ability of men.

Neem Leaves linked to infertility
Can neem leaf prevent pregnancy?

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If you are suffering from diabetes and are taking a detox diet, then it is definitely in your mind to drink a glass of neem leaves juice in the early hours of the morning. And no matter why, till now there has been talk about the benefits related to the consumption of neem juice and people have also been benefited by consuming it. But everything has two aspects and some properties are also demerit. The same applies to neem juice and also has some disadvantages. If you are also drinking neem leaves juice in the morning every day, then also read about its anti-fertility side-effects (side effects on male fertility).


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How does this affect male fertility?
Research published in the year 2003 in the journal Contraceptive showed that a dose of 3 grams or more of aqueous extract of neem leaves daily shows spermicidal activity. According to research, the aqueous extract of the old neem dung not only stabilizes semen, but also kills 100 percent of human sperm within 20 seconds. Research further stated that the minimum effective spermicidal concentrations of neem leaves are at least 2.9 mg / million sperm. Apart from this, it has no significant effect on the morphology of sperms.

How much is too much?
According to research, only one to two milligrams of neem leaves extract should be taken per day. And if you want to consume it, then you must first consult your doctor for this, because its intake in high amounts can affect your sexual health and can also cause infertility.

Can neem leaf prevent pregnancy?

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