Can kidney stones be removed while pregnant?

Can kidney stones be removed while pregnant? Kidney stones can happen to pregnant women as well as to the common man. In such a situation, the pain of kidney stone can be very painful for both. Explain that a stone is a solid substance that can be found in the urinary tract. It can be small or big in size. Small sized stones can easily pass through the urinary tract, but large stones cannot easily pass out. In such a situation, the person has to face a lot of pain. Our question is, how unsafe is it to have kidney stones during pregnancy? Today’s article is on this topic. Today we will tell you through this article what are the symptoms of kidney stone during pregnancy. Also know the causes and prevention. Read on…

Kidney stone during pregnancy causes symptoms and treatment
Can kidney stones be removed while pregnant?

Kidney stones are not a common problem during pregnancy. In such a situation, this problem is seen in very few women. Its treatment can also be extremely challenging. Click here to read related research…

Symptoms of kidney stone during pregnancy

1 – Chills to women.

2- Intermittent urination.

3 – Fever in women

4 – Blood in urine.

5 – Feeling like vomiting.

6 – Feeling pain in the waist.

7 – Change in the color of urine.

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Causes of kidney stone during pregnancy
1 – This problem can occur when women start drinking less water. In such a situation, take care of water during pregnancy.

This problem can occur even when women consume an unbalanced diet or consume more sodium or calcium.

3 – Sometimes this problem can be genetic. If any member of the family has kidney stone, then the pregnant woman can have this problem.

4 – Weight gain is common in pregnancy. During this also there may be a problem of kidney stone.

5 – Kidney stone can be a problem even if there is a UTI i.e. urinary tract infection. Let us tell you that this is a bacterial infection, which women can come in contact with.

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Prevention of kidney stone in pregnancy
1- Consumption of lemon water in pregnancy is considered safe. In such a situation, pregnant women can consume lemonade to avoid kidney stones.

2- Lack of water can also cause kidney stone in women’s body. So keep in mind the amount of water.

3- Sugarcane juice is also very useful in preventing the problem of kidney stones. In such a situation, women can consume sugarcane juice during pregnancy. It not only removes kidney problem but also keeps morning sickness away.

4- Pomegranate in fruits can prevent the problem of kidney stone in pregnancy. In such a situation, women should consume pomegranate.

5 – Pregnant women can also avoid the problem by making lifestyle changes. In such a situation, on the advice of the doctor, add exercise and exercise to your routine.

Note – The points mentioned above show that kidney stones are not a common problem during pregnancy. Its treatment is also very difficult. In such a situation, if you have got kidney stone, then contact the doctor immediately. Apart from this, follow the above-mentioned methods to prevent kidney stones. We would advise that pregnant women must consult an expert once before making changes in their diet.

Can kidney stones be removed while pregnant?

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