Can hydrocephalus resolve itself in infants?

Can hydrocephalus resolve itself in infants? Hydrocephalus is a dangerous disease in which fluid (liquid) starts filling in the patient’s brain, due to which the head becomes very large. Usually this disease occurs only to young children. This disease is also called hydrocephalus. The patient can also die due to hydrocephalus disease because the brain gets damaged due to too much fluid and sometimes the veins rupture and the brain starts bleeding inside. Let us tell you about the cause and symptoms of this disease.

hydrocephalus disease in babies
Can hydrocephalus resolve itself in infants?

Why hydrocephalus disease occurs

We all have a special type of fluid in our brain, which is called cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid is necessary for our brain because it protects the brain from injury (just as the air in the tube is saved by tearing the tire.) When this cerebrospinal fluid begins to over-fill the brain, the head Gradually swelling starts coming. When enlarged, the patient’s head becomes very large, due to which his form starts to look scary.

Why do children have hydrocephalus disease

Younger children are at greater risk of hydrocephalus disease because the bones in the skull of the head of young children are not fully connected and the brain is developing. Sometimes babies have hydrocephalus disease at birth. If not treated in time, it can permanently damage the baby’s brain.

What are the symptoms of hydrocephalus disease

Head enlargement is a major symptom in this one-year-old child. Apart from this, vomiting, staying asleep, more irritability, not looking up and having epileptic seizures are some other symptoms.
Headache, irritability, reduced eyesight, twitching of an object and vomiting are the main symptoms in children and adults older than one year.
Apart from this, epileptic seizures and behavioral changes, imbalance and loss of urine while walking are the main symptoms.

How is hydrocephalus treated

Surgery sends the brain water to another part of the body with the help of a tube. Sending water inside the abdomen is one of the most important measures under this procedure, but this operation can have many disadvantages. Such as an infection on the tube, inadequate functioning of the tube, blockage in the tube, shortening of the tube according to the body, blood clot in the brain and stomach problems.

Now-a-days the method that makes a path inside the brain is quite popular. This method is called third ventriculostomy.

Can hydrocephalus resolve itself in infants?

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