Can babies eat icecream?

Can babies eat icecream? For the good health of children, they need proper nutrition and diet. Parents should always keep in mind that at what age their child can be fed. Many times, due to lack of information, parents feed them wrong things, which also affects their health. As everyone knows, a child should consume only mother’s milk for six months after birth. After six months, the babies are given the upper diet. During this also necessary precautions should be taken care of. Due to the lack of proper nutrition of children, there are problems in their development as well as many problems also occur. Many times parents start feeding ice cream to young children at an early age or on the insistence of the child, give them ice cream to eat. Before you feed your baby ice cream, you should know that at what age is it considered safe to feed ice cream to your child and what are the experts’ opinion on this subject?

Can babies eat icecream?

At what age should children give ice cream? (When Can Babies Eat Ice Cream?)

Before feeding ice cream to children, care should be taken that it does not harm their health. Dr Deepika Rani, clinical dietician at Apollo Hospitals, Hyderabad, says that children should be fed ice cream only after the age of one. Giving them ice cream before this can cause damage. During this, it should also be kept in mind that eating ice cream does not harm the children. Usually babies should be fed dairy products only after one year. If you are feeding ice cream to a one year old baby, then during this time keep in mind that the temperature of ice cream should not be too cold and feed only ice cream made from fruits or raw milk. Giving ice cream made of ice or other things to children does not provide any benefit to their health and may also cause problems for them.

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Important Things You Must Know When Giving Ice Cream To Babies Before Feeding Ice Cream To Babies
According to experts, there are no benefits of feeding ice cream to children before the age of one year, but it can harm their health. Preservatives, fat, sugar, artificial things and all kinds of food colors are also added to the ice cream available in the market. That’s why doctors always recommend not to give these things to children. If you want to feed ice cream to your child after one year of age, then keep these things in mind.


Instead of ice cream available in the market, give home made ice cream to the child.
Give only ice cream made from fruits and milk to children.
Do not use any kind of preservatives or artificial things in making ice cream.
Do not use things that take a long time to digest.
Do not feed ice cream with high fat and cream to children.
Take care of lactose intolerance before feeding ice cream to babies.
Read about the ingredients in ice cream before feeding ice cream to children over the age of one.
Do not feed ice cream containing nuts, peanuts, strawberries and coloring agents etc. to children.

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Homemade ice cream should not be given to children below one year of age. For babies above one year old, you can feed ice cream made with your own hands without the use of any harmful substances. Apart from this, instead of feeding ice cream to children, you can freeze some fruits etc. after blending. Children should never be fed too much cold ice cream. You can give fresh fruit smoothies for the good health of babies. Instead of buying ice cream from the market and feeding it to the children, prepare it at home. If you take care of these things mentioned above, then your children will not face any problem.

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