can a pregnancy test detect cancer in a man

can a pregnancy test detect cancer in a man: You may be surprised to know that many types of cancers in men can be tested with the ‘Pregnancy Test Kit’ which detects pregnancy. Yes, it may sound unbelievable, but there is a lot of discussion in the medical world after a boy in the UK found a test for testicular cancer using a pregnancy test kit. This news was published in the famous newspaper ‘The Telegraph’.

Many physicians believe that pregnancy test kits can be used as home remedies to test testicular cancer and many other types of cancers. Although the result obtained from this is only 40-50% authentic, it can be used for home examination in the initial stage. Let us tell you how a pregnancy test kit tells cancer.

Pregnancy Test Kit may Detect Testicular Cancer in Men
can a pregnancy test detect cancer in a man

Some cancers release special hormones

Testicular cancer is slightly different from other types of cancer. Testicular cancer releases a specific element in the patient’s blood, known as ‘tumor markers’. There are several types of tumor markers, of which 3 are most common – AFP (alpha-fetoprotein), HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) and LDH (lactate dehydrogenase). Of these, HCG is a hormone that, when pregnant, is also released in the body of women.

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How does pregnancy test kit work?

The Pregnancy Test Kit available in the market identifies HCG in urin (urine), a special hormone found in women when pregnant. Now it is worth noting that despite many types of cancer, HCG hormone is secreted in the body, especially testicular cancer. Although these hormones are released when cancer occurs, it is not necessary.

HCG hormone release occurs in only 15% of cases in early stage and 50% of cases in advanced stage. Therefore, this test cannot be used for exact testing.

How reliable are the results of this test?

One problem with this test is that many times, cancer tumors do not release HCG in such a large amount, which the pregnancy test kit can easily catch. So if you are constantly having pain in the testis (testicles) and you are suspected of testicular cancer, then you can check it by using pregnancy test kit.

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When its results are positive, you should contact the doctor without delay and get an authentic check-up done through ultrasound and blood tests etc. But even if the result is negative, if the problem persists for 2 days, then it is necessary to contact the doctor as soon as possible, as the authenticity of this test is only 40-50%.

can a pregnancy test detect cancer in a man

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