Can a hormone imbalance make you infertile?

Can a hormone imbalance make you infertile? Often you or we may have heard about hormonal imbalance in the elders, but this problem does not come only with the elderly or the elderly, but nowadays this problem is increasingly seen in children also. Many children’s lifestyle habits can actually cause hormone imbalance in your children. Let me tell you that the health of children is very flexible. Therefore, it is necessary for the health of children to eliminate foods that spoil their health. When you make these changes in the child’s lifestyle, your children’s health will increase further. But in the midst of all this it is important to know what is the cause of hormone imbalance in children and how it can be seen on the body of children.

Problem of Hormone Imbalance in Children
Can a hormone imbalance make you infertile?

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Causes of hormone imbalance in children

There is a correct response system to the endocrine gland that indicates slight changes in hormone levels, so that it can be well regulated and maintain hormonal balance. However, it is true that psychological issues and health issues can affect this feedback system, causing your children’s hormones to become imbalanced. For these reasons, hormonal imbalances can occur in children:

Infection in the endocrine gland.
Hormone imbalances may occur in children due to genetic reasons.
Injury to the endocrine gland will affect its hormone production.
Failure of a gland to produce hormones.
Causes of tumors in the endocrine gland.

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Symptoms of hormone imbalance in children

Less visible body hair.
Absence of muscle development.
Voice thinning.
Decreased growth in breast tissue.

Hormonal imbalances occur in children during these health problems


Without insulin, glucose in the blood cannot be absorbed by the cells of the body, causing high blood sugar levels. It occurs when insulin-producing cells of the pancreas (islets) are destroyed.


Obesity in children is also a common problem due to which most children are falling victim to it nowadays. When the level of hormones in the blood is low, metabolism is affected which leads to obesity.

Genetic status

Turner syndrome: This syndrome is found in girls, girls suffering from this syndrome have underdeveloped ovaries. It can affect sexual development and ability to produce children.

Klinefelter syndrome: This type of syndrome is found in boys, with low testosterone (male hormone) levels being the main symptom. When this condition occurs, hormone imbalance may occur in children.


Let us tell you that the treatment of hormonal imbalance in children is seen on their conditions, such as their severity and cause. In this case, you can only be treated with advice from an endocrinologist. Therefore, if you notice signs of hormonal imbalance in children, then talk to a pediatrician immediately.

Can a hormone imbalance make you infertile?

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