Can 12 year olds drink alcohol?

Can 12 year olds drink alcohol? Any addiction to health is harmful and when it comes to alcohol and cigarettes, it is even more harmful. Consuming alcohol at home not only negatively affects a person’s own health, but it also has a negative effect on the child. The emotional development of children is also hindered by having alcohol at home or having an alcohol addict from one of the child’s parents. Let’s learn about alcohol and its effect on children.

How does Alcohol Affect Kids
Can 12 year olds drink alcohol?

Those who are addicted to alcohol, if they do not get alcohol, they become restless and start vandalizing and harassing other members of the household. As a result, the environment of the house deteriorates and they all have a very bad effect on the child living in the house.

Drug addicts do not live a normal life, they are also unable to raise their children properly, as a result, children fall prey to bad company and wrong habits.

Children of people who drink alcohol at home also get addicted to alcohol, cigarettes and drugs soon.

Even if women consume alcohol during pregnancy, the pregnant mother and the child is suffering from many health problems.

The alcoholic person is connected to the world of crime by suffering mentally and physically. The wrong things make him look good.

Children are inquisitive by nature, in such a situation, seeing the elder drink alcohol, the children also have a desire to drink it, which increases their chances of getting addicted to alcohol at a tender age.

Can 12 year olds drink alcohol?

Alcohol can cause nervous system, liver and stomach diseases, heart diseases, cancer.

A drunk person starts committing domestic violence, this makes the children also become violent and they do not miss connecting with the crime world.

The mental development of children who drink alcohol at home is not normal. Those children, looking after their elders, also start drinking alcohol.

Due to alcohol addiction, the child becomes ill at an early age and soon embraces death.

Inability to drink alcohol leads to nervousness, restlessness, irritability, anger, mood changes, tension, mental exhaustion, memory loss, sleepiness, severe headache, loss of appetite, body cramps and twitching. Etc. Symptoms begin to appear. Apart from these symptoms, a person becomes ill before his age.

Household children who drink alcohol tend to be irritable and stressed. Such children have more difficulty in getting mixed up with other children. They become addicted to living alone, infested with inferiority complex.

Such children do not feel like studying or in other activities. Such children remain behind all the time. Children of alcoholic parents tend to be less susceptible and less intelligent than normal children.

Can 12 year olds drink alcohol?

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