Breastfeeding with coronavirus know the facts

Breastfeeding with coronavirus know the facts: These days there are many questions and concerns going on in the minds of people regarding the coronavirus disease. One of them is whether it is safe to breastfeed babies at such times or not? There is no doubt that mother’s milk protects children from many diseases. However, there are very few occasions when babies are forbidden to breastfeed. It remains a state of great confusion for new mothers whether babies should be fed milk during this corona period! Today in this article we are going to tell you the same thing in detail.


However, whether to breastfeed or not is entirely a woman’s personal decision. Even in this corona period, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Academy of Lactation Medicine (ABM) all say that even if the mother is infected with the corona, she can still feed the baby. That is, mother’s milk is completely safe for babies.

Breastfeeding During Coronavirus

When can there be danger?
It is clear from the cases reported so far that the risk of coronavirus is being found not only in adults but also in infants. The reason for this is the weakening of the immune system of children. Mother’s milk strengthens the immune system of children as well as protects them from many other diseases. However, during the Corona period, it is necessary that the mother should feed the child in the routine, keeping in mind the cleanliness in time. Don’t stop breastfeeding your babies for fear of the virus. This can prove to be injurious to their health itself.

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What if mother is infected with corona?
Breastfeeding Tips During Coronavirus

According to the CDC, if a mother infected with COVID-19 gives birth in a hospital, the newborn may be kept away from the mother for a period of time to protect her from the risk of COVID-19. During this, the baby is advised to feed the milk that has come out of the mother’s breast. If the doctor gives you such advice too, then accept this advice without debate. However, once the mother’s symptoms improve and she is in a position to go home, the mother can keep the baby with her. However, during this time the mother has a special need to wear a mask and keep her hands clean. During this time mothers should be informed by the medical team about the best ways to avoid infection.

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Take special care of these 5 things

  1. Wash your hands thoroughly and wear a mask before holding the baby.
  2. Make sure to use hand sanitizer before and after feeding.
  3. If you have come sitting with any person in the house before feeding the child, then first change your clothes and then take the child in your lap.
  4. Dispose of tissue or mask after use and wash hands again.

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Breastfeeding with coronavirus know the facts

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