Benefits of Sage Leaves in Oral Health and Weight Loss

Sage leaves are often known by the name of bay leaves, but there is a great difference between bay leaves and Sage leaves. The sage leaf is called Salvia officinalis in the language of science. Actually it is a type of Mint family, which is full of medicinal properties. Sage is also used as a spice by people, but it has a special status in Ayurveda. In Ayurveda, dry leaves are made from oil and used to make many medicines. Sage is beneficial for our body in many ways. It is often used to cure mental illnesses such as migraine, depression, and Alzheimer’s. Apart from this, Sage oil is helpful in reducing joint pain and discomfort during menopause in women. Let us tell you 5 benefits of using Sage.

Oral Health

To keep the body healthy, it is important that we take good care of our oral health i.e. mouth and teeth. The mouth and teeth can also be kept healthy by using an Sage. Actually, Sage has antibacterial properties, which help in keeping bacteria away. Using it as a mouth freshener after eating can also get rid of the problem of mouth soreness. At the same time, wake it up in the morning and boil it in water, rinse it with that water, the bacteria of the mouth die and the mouth becomes clean. Apart from this, if the Sage is boiled with cloves and rinse, it provides relief from toothache.

For Weight Loss

Eating more high fiber causes weight loss. In fact, fiber slows down digestion, which takes time to digest food and reduces hunger. Therefore, if you want to lose weight, you can consume fiber. At the same time, there is a lot of fiber in the Sage. That is why people consume Sage to keep their stomach full so that we feel less hungry.

Antibiotic Effect

Sage oil is also endowed with many properties. It has antibiotic properties. The antibiotic properties of the Sage may help keep bacteria away. Sage is very beneficial during cold-cough or itchy throat. You can eat it by breaking it fresh and stay away from seasonal infections.

During Menopause

In women, they have a lot of problems during menopause. In the condition of menopause, when menstruation stops, women have problems with weakness and joint pain. In such a situation, weakness and pain can be relieved by using an Sage. You can also get relief by eating sage syrup or by grinding it. Applying Sage oil in the joints is also very beneficial. Even in very old pain, applying it by heating it gives relief from pain.

It is also Beneficial for Skin

The antioxidant property of Sage can help keep the skin healthy by eliminating skin radicals. In addition, Sage have antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-biotic properties. Applying grind of Sage leaves on the mouth or boiling the water after cooling it, cleansing the face stains.

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