At what age is w sitting a problem?

W Sitting Position is Bad for Kids: Parents often find their children mostly sitting in the same position, especially when the children are quite young. Children like to sit on their knees, in which they bend their legs backwards and sit on both sides. This condition is called the ‘W’ position in English. Although many people consider this stage to be harmful but parents need not be afraid of it but they should definitely improve the habits of children.

Why do you have to sit on your knees

Sitting can be defined as a new health disease. However, sitting on your knees for too long can cause back and lower back pain, which can cause problems with sitting and many types of problems. Sitting in one position continuously can put pressure on the lower part of your body such as hips and knee joints.

W Sitting Position is Bad for Kids
At what age is w sitting a problem?

Joint pain may be caused by sitting on your knees

Children are constantly sitting on their knees, causing hypermobile conditions, which can cause pain in their joints and weakening of the trunk muscles. Actually, this happens when he is constantly sitting on his knees and this time he is not able to be as active as is required.

Pressure on many parts of the body

Staying knee-deep for a long time puts pressure on the neck, shoulders and upper back. Along with this, if your child continues to sit on his knees watching TV or is putting too much weight on his shoulder, then he will start getting pain in these places and he will have to face trouble.

Do not let children sit as far as possible because if the child is sitting in the same position for a long time, there may be an imbalance in his body alignment.

Encourage your children to do these things

Tell the children to spend time in the field for maximum time and send them to hang out.
This will help maintain the natural flexibility in their hips and back, which will maintain their body balance.
Spending time on the field will also help them in body connection. Due to this, he will avoid gadgets and unnecessary work inside the house.
Give them a comfortable cushion to sit so that they sit comfortably or upright. This will not bend their knees and there will be no problem in the body also.
Use a small table for art and homework. Apart from this, balance the sitting time and after studying for the exam, send them to play outside.

At what age is w sitting a problem?

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