Asthma Symptoms in Children due to pollution

Asthma Symptoms in Children due to pollution: Asthma or asthma is a serious lung disease in which the patient has trouble breathing. In the last few years, the number of asthma patients has increased due to pollution and obesity. Nowadays, serious respiratory diseases are also seen in young children and youth. A recent research has found that consuming vitamin D can prevent asthma. This research, conducted by the School of Medicine of John Hopkins University, is published in the Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology.


Asthma risks are different in children

By the way, asthma is dangerous to adults or children. But children have different problems when they have asthma. Due to asthma at a young age, children are unable to participate in sports in school and their studies are also affected due to sleep disturbances. Apart from this, many times children also have an asthma attack, which can be fatal. Children may have to go to the doctor again and again due to asthma, which causes them to take leave from school and affect their studies. However, it can be controlled with the right treatment.

The danger is increasing due to Pollution

The highest cases of asthma in children are being seen in children in cities where pollution levels are high. In this research, 120 school going children were researched and 3 things were examined, the level of pollution inside the house, the amount of vitamin D in the blood of children and the symptoms of asthma. In addition, more than 40 children were also obese in the research. Research has found that children who had high levels of vitamin D in their blood were found to have very low asthma symptoms.

Confirmation has also been done in Earlier Research

Prior to this research, research was also done at Queen Mary University in London on the effect of vitamin D on asthma. Adrian Martin, a professor of respiratory infection and immunity, who conducted the research, says that asthma was found to be very mild in adults in most adults using vitamin D tablets three times.

Recognize Asthma in Children

Breathing from discomfort is the most common sign of asthma. The most common thing can also be considered to be phlegm always, but every child who suffers from asthma is not necessarily worried about phlegm. Treatment of asthma demands daily care, as well as emergency treatment and care. Ignoring it in the initial stages may cause more trouble to your child. If you give medicine to your child every day, then it will be beneficial for its recovery, the right treatment is the solution to this disease.

Asthma Symptoms in Children due to pollution

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