Are noodles bad for kids?

Are noodles bad for kids? Maggi sold in the international market has become something that everyone loves, from children to the elderly. One, it is easy to make and secondly, its spice is such that it suits everyone’s tongue. Maggi made in 2 minutes is often a priority for the breakfast prepared on weekends. Even though Maggi is made from fine flour, people do not stop eating it. But surprisingly, recently there has been a news report that eating Maggi is very harmful for health. Lead and MSG found in this body can be vulnerable to many dangerous diseases. Moreover, the owner of Maggi Company has also confessed this in the Supreme Court.

Lead and Msg in nestle Noodles Effect Children
Are noodles bad for kids?

How is the body affected by lead

Lead is such an element, if its quantity increases in the body, there can be many dangerous consequences. Actually, our body does not need lead. Neither our body makes lead nor is it able to accept it. It penetrates into our body only through consuming adulterated food, dirty water and pollution and when it accumulates gives rise to many serious diseases. However, its effect is seen after some time. If its quantity increases excessively in the body, it starts damaging the liver, brain, kidney and bones. After impairing the liver, it worsens the digestion system. Problems such as miscarriage, premature delivery, loss of baby weight in pregnant women are linked to it. Apart from this, mental disabilities in children, reduced IQ, difficulty in learning, poor attention, behavioral problems, neurological difficulties, blood circulation, etc. are also diseases related to lead.

Why monosodium glutamate is dangerous

In the research on Maggi, it has been said that it contains such deadly chemicals, the consumption of which is affecting not only the physical but also mental development of children. Monosodium glutamate (MSG) chemical found in Maggi can cause many serious illnesses for children. This may include mouth, head or neck irritation, skin allergies, weakness in the arms and legs, headaches and abdominal discomfort. Not only this, Maggie reduces the strength of the glands that feel the taste and makes her test addicted.

What is monosodium glutamate

MSG i.e. monosodium is a kind of slow poison. The bright white colored monosodium glutamate, ie Ajinomoto, is a sodium salt. If you are fond of canned and Chinese dishes, then it is found in abundance. This is a spice that can be very dangerous. It is actually a slow poison that does not increase the taste of food, but suppresses the function of our taste glands, so that we do not detect the bad taste of food. It is generally used to hide poor quality of food. Excess intake of this can cause problems such as headaches, sweating and dizziness. If you are used to it and use it a lot in food, then it can also damage your brain. It can block the development of children.

Are noodles bad for kids?

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