Are gas drops safe for newborns?

Are gas drops safe for newborns? It is quite common to have gas problems. This problem is not only in adults, but small children can also have gas problem. Because the immunity of children is not very strong, due to which they do not know their food well. When gas is a problem, some parents think that it will get better on its own. At the same time, some parents start adopting different measures. Some parents opt for gas drops to get rid of gas problem in their children. But is it safe to use gas drops? How to use gas drops? The answers to all these questions will be known from the Pediatrician Doctor Vikas Kumar Aggarwal of New Hospital, Noida. Let’s know how to use gas drops for children and how safe it is –

Are gas drops safe for newborns?

What is Gas Drops? (What is gas Drops)
Gas Drops is a medicine. This medicine is given to children when they have indigestion, gas, stomach pain or any other stomach related problem. Dr Vikas Kumar explains that some parents use this medicine without the advice of the doctor to cure the problems related to digestion of children, which is absolutely wrong. In the case of children, using any medicine without medical advice can prove to be fatal.

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Are gas drops safe for babies?
Doctors say that the use of gas drops is considered safe for babies. Stomach problems can be overcome by its use. But use it only on the advice of the doctor. Because some gas drops contain simethicone, which has an artificial flavor. This chemical is not considered safe for children. Therefore, before giving any gas drops to children, consult a doctor once. Apart from this, you should also check the ingredients of the medicine yourself, so that you can know about the things present in it. Is there anything in it that your child is allergic to. So be careful before using gas drops.

How to give gas drops to babies?
Doctors tell that gas drops are given to infants or older children according to their age. Therefore, before giving gas drops, be sure to consult with the doctor that how much dose is to be given to your child in 1 day. Apart from this, follow the dosage prescribed by the doctor properly. Never give an overdose to an infant or child. Because it can increase their problem.

Side-effect of gas drops?
The doctor says that if you give gas drops in proper quantity to children, then it does not cause any side-effects to them. However, in some cases, there may be some allergic reaction to the gas drops. As-

respiratory distress
Swelling and itching of face
swelling of the tongue and throat
Rash on the skin.
If such side-effects are observed in children, consult a doctor immediately. So that the doctor can treat it at the right time.

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Other Gas Drops Alternatives
If you want to strengthen the digestive power of your baby, then instead of giving gas drops, some other things can also be given. As-

Probiotics are good bacteria, which can also be available in liquid form in the market. Giving probiotics to babies strengthens immunity. With this, the problem of gas, bloating caused by babies can be relieved.

gripe water
Most people give gripe water to babies when their teeth are starting to erupt. Babies are more prone to diarrhea during teething. In such a situation, elders are advised to give gripe-water to children. Apart from this, you can use gripe water as an alternative to gas drops. This strengthens the immunity of babies.

Keep in mind that before giving any kind of medicine to babies, always consult a doctor. So that they can be protected from the side-effects of that medicine.

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