Anxiety and Depression can be fastly cured by healthy diet, know what to eat right

We are always worried about something or the other. Some people who think more and worry, they become a victim of stress. Stress of depression also comes on the rise. Depression is considered dangerous because it starts to spoil not only your brain, but also physical health. Medical science has anti-depressant drugs available to treat depression, which are used by many people. But after a recent study, scientists have said that if you resort to the right diet instead of medicines, then you will get benefit quickly.

It is also worth noting here that after many previous studies, scientists have reported that prolonged use of anti-depressant drugs can be dangerous in health. Therefore, this research should be considered as a relief news for the patients of depression. If depression patients keep their diet right, then they can easily get rid of depression.

Depression is dangerous

According to Heather Francis of Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia, depression is a dangerous disease. Often people see it only by connecting it to the brain, but this disease affects the whole body. Depression is a kind of chronic inflammatory reaction of the body. Usually, this inflammation comes due to poor diet and stress. “When suffering from depression, a person becomes so mentally weak that he has trouble leading a normal life and sometimes some people even commit suicide. .

These small changes in food

The people of depression told these people to make some small changes in their diet like olive oil in the diet. It was asked to include natural nut butter, walnuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, cinnamon and turmeric etc. Whereas all patients were instructed to reduce their intake of carbohydrate foods, sugar, fat and processed meats and soft drinks. Only after following this diet for 3 weeks, the depression of these people decreased and they became absolutely normal.

How research was done

Francis and his team selected 76 such people who were victims of depression or severe anxiety for this research. All of them were between 17 and 35 years of age and included both men and women. Fat and sugar were very much included in the regular diet of all of them due to depression. But during the 3-week study, these people changed their diet and scientists found that their depression levels had decreased. This research has been published in the journal PLOS ONE.

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