Airport Ground Staff Jobs

Airport Ground Staff Jobs. Whether you are looking for an informal job and an entry level position or if you are at a higher level in your aviation industry career and are looking for your next move, airport jobs in the Gulf countries could be a Excellent option for you. There are many international airports within the Gulf region that serve the needs of the Middle East and connect this popular region with the rest of the world.

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Gulf countries are becoming more popular than ever with tourists, with Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait and Dubai attracting more visitors than ever to explore the attractions that the Gulf has to offer. International airports such as Dubai International Airport, Hamad International Airport, King Abdulaziz International Airport and Abu Dhabi International Airport are just some of the largest and best known sources of aviation jobs in this region.Airport Ground Staff Jobs

If you are looking for work at the airport in the Gulf countries, read on for more information.

Types Of Airport Jobs in Gulf Countries

There are plenty of different types of airport jobs in Gulf Countries including:
Pilots, Cabin crew, Security, Food and beverage, service, Housekeeping, Retail, Logistics, Cargo, Maintenance, Engineering, Management, Administration, Animal Control.
There are part time, full time, permanent, temporary and contract posts available to suit the needs of all kinds of applicants.

Where to find jobs at airports in Gulf countries
There are several different places where you can start your job search at airports in Gulf countries. First of all, if you know which airport you would prefer to work in, you can visit the website of that particular airport and find your career page where you will find all the relevant vacancy listings on that site. If you are not sure which airport you would like to work in, one of the general job listing websites for the Gulf region, such as NaukriGulf, Indeed, GulfTalent or WeJobz will give you an overview of all the different opportunities within the entire region to meet your needs. Airport Ground Staff Jobs.

Skills and experience required
The type of experience and skills required to apply for jobs at airports in the Gulf countries will depend on the position requested. Needless to say, jobs as an aircraft pilot, for example, require specific training and experience, however, there are many positions that are open to those without previous experience and only secondary education. The cleaning and food and beverage service functions are just some of the entry-level positions that are open to those who are just beginning their professional career. Good communication skills are important, language skills being an advantage, especially in functions that have contact with the public and good customer service skills are also often essential. Computer literacy is also important for many publications, while a good personal presentation is also important in many cases. For some jobs, there are specific requirements regarding appearance or background. A clean criminal record is required, and for roles such as cabin crew there are also certain height and appearance requirements, such as no visible tattoos or non-removable piercings.

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