After severe heat, there may be sudden rains, i.e. changes in temperature, many diseases, learn How to rescue

Monsoon has arrived in most parts of the country. If the rain is low, then there is a situation of floods. Of course, the monsoon came late in this subcontinent. But, for some days, heavy rain and drought have also been there. Once again this year, there are sudden changes in weather. Sometimes the weather is getting cold and sometimes the weather is getting cold. In this case, our fight against waterborne diseases also increases. In this article we are telling you how the change in the rainy weather in the aftermath of extreme heat can have an impact on our body.

Problems with temperature changes

Extremely cold to the extreme heat of the temperature, it is not less than the alarm bell for the human body. Changes in weather at such a large level increase the risk of getting sick due to those who have fallen prey to the changing season. A sudden and tremendous change between the outside (summer) and the inside (the cold of the AC) can not only be physical but also lead to mental illness such as stress and angiabetes.

Changes in temperature can lead to asthma attack, nasal bleeding, sore throat, flu, pharyngitis, sinusitis, cold, muscle stiffness and severe pain. Experts say that all these diseases are the result of using excessive AC (air condition) in the summer. Recommended temperature of AC in the summer season should be between 23 ° C to 25 ° C.

Living in this temperature becomes less vulnerable to the risk of getting sick. Try to stop the air conditioner as much as possible and avoid exposure to low temperature.

How to defend

•  Avoid traveling too much in such a season.
•  If you are in a warm temperature, avoid getting wet in the rain.
•  If you are in an air condition form, then before leaving the heat, stop at some place where you can normalize your body temperature.
•  Keep the AC temperature of the room high in the rainy season, so that the temperature change does not affect the body.
•  Cover the tan. Protect the head from being soaked in the rain.

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