The speed with which coronaviruses are spreading all over the world, not only the elderly but also the children are not untouched. Doctors and experts from all over the world say that a person who has an immune strong can outperform coronavirus. In such a situation, it is important that the immunity of the newborn is strengthened to fight against coronavirus and all such other viruses. When the immunity system of children is weak, they quickly fall prey to colds, fever, cold and viral diseases. Therefore they are also at higher risk of corona. Keeping these things in mind, today we are giving you tips to strengthen the immunity system of children.



Micronutrients play a large role in strengthening children’s immune systems. Mother’s milk is most important for children. Apart from this, foods rich in vitamin C like amla, guava, oranges, lemons help to increase immunity and also help in better absorption of iron. The mother can consume foods rich in vitamin B6 such as cane, chicken and fish etc. to increase the quality of her milk. At the same time, foods rich in vitamin E such as nuts and seeds can help fight infection.

Show Sunshine

The newborn should also show sunlight for a while. Take the newborn in a little sunlight and take the newborn in the sun for a while. It provides vitamin D, which strengthens the immune system and protects your baby from viral diseases like colds, cough fever.

Massage kids

When you show sunlight to children, massage them with light hands with the help of oil. This will strengthen your baby’s bones and the immune system will also develop well. When the children are massaged, their cells also work well which helps them to get good sleep.

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